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Wondering How to Win A Car? Enter to Win $50,000.00 from PCH!

Does it seem as though everyone else on the road has new wheels except you? Are you spending valuable time and money toward keeping an old clunker running? Do you need a new car but can’t afford one?

Sounds like you need to know how to win a car – or enough money – to put towards the car of your dreams!

Winning $50,000.00 cash would be the ultimate way to get a new ride, wouldn’t it? You could be sitting behind the wheel of a brand new, dependable, shiny vehicle that gets you from point A to point B in style! And you’d be doing it all with cold hard cash that would be yours to spend on the car of your choice!

Isn’t it about time you took pride in your ride?

Come on, what are you waiting for? If you really want to win money towards a car of your dreams, it’s simple, fast and easy.  Enter to win $50,000 For Your Dream Car in the PCH Dream Car Sweepstakes!  More than just a way to buy a reliable, safe and secure ride, this kind of money would give you plenty of ways to spend BIG on all of those options you’ve always dreamed about getting!  Heated seats and steering wheel … no problem!  Automatic high beams … backup camera … the latest in crash avoidance technology, the list goes on. You would be able pick and choose if you won $50,000 to drive away in your dream car!

Just thinking about the feel, the excitement, and, of course, the smell of a brand new car with all of the extras is enough to get anyone’s engine running! Imagine yourself behind the wheel of that shiny new car and showing it off to friends and family. C’mon, shift your imagination into “drive” and roll with it!

Instead of wondering how to win a car, take action to win that money!

The first step toward getting a car that’s extra comfortable, reliable in any kind of weather, and full of conveniences may be just a click away!  Be sure to enter the PCH Dream Car Sweepstakes  now! You can enter once a day, every day, until the deadline for your chance to drive off into the sunset in the car of your dreams!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Tell us which car gets YOUR motor running in the comments section below!

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  1. I never looked for this kind of a PCH blog but now I found it I will keep on trying.
    I can’t afford a new car let alone any car.
    I am definitely going to try for this $50,000.00 for a new car.
    I need a car my husband is disabled and I cannot afford to keep breaking down when taking him for doctors appointments.
    So here goes I’ll be entering everyday until I win.
    Thank you PCH for helping so many people upgrade their lives with winnings.