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PCHslots + PCH App = Awesome Entertainment

Peanut butter and jelly! Movies and popcorn! Abbott and Costello! PCHslots and the PCH App! Some things in life were just born to go together. Wait, you haven’t heard about playing PCHslots on the PCH App? In that case, we have a small announcement to make …


Yes, it’s true! The amazing, Vegas-style PCHslots  that you love on your desktop computer now can be enjoyed on-the-go via the insanely popular PCH App (Android , Apple )!

And that’s not all! We didn’t just add PCHslots to the PCH App to give you more opportunities to play and win, we gave you more reasons to play PCHslots from both your desktop computer and mobile device.

PCHslots now can be enjoyed on the PCH App.

PCHslots on the PCH App

All the things you love about PCHslots will continue on the PCH App, including:

  • 2X tokens during game play
  • 5X tokens for completing the daily cash tournament
  • $100.00 cash prize for the tournament top scorer

And, of course, don’t forget about the amazing variety of PCHslots games and all of the great instant-win opportunities! Plus, we’re not done yet! We’re still working to make the PCHslots experience – on your computer and on the PCH App – even better, so keep playing because we’ll be unveiling new features in the near future!

Free Download
With the PCH App getting better and better, there are fewer and fewer reasons not to have it! Just in case, you can get a free download of the PCH App for Android and for Apple)!

Here’s hoping you become a PCH winner soon,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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