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Who’s Winning At This Month?

Seasons have changed and spring is officially upon us! As the days become warmer, we are seeing more green everywhere! However, I’m not just talking about the green we’ve been seeing outside, but the green our winners have been winning every day!

This is your destination for hours of fun and chances to win every day! Plus, it’s your chance to earn Tokens that you can redeem for chances to win even more prizes. And, the best part is that these games are completely FREE to play! There’s an exciting variety of games to choose from, including Token Games, Instant Win Games, PCHblackjack, PCHslots and more! Are you wondering who won a cash prize in May at ? Let’s take a look!


Our month in winning blog wouldn’t be complete without the list of lucky winners who love to play while on the go! These folks downloaded the PCH App onto their iphones and Android phones so they could stay in it to win it no matter where and no matter when! Let’s give these winners a round of applause!


PCH offers a huge selection of ways to go for prizes. Head on over to PCHlotto to check out all the different Scratch-Off games and number games. It’s a fun way to win some instant cash! And that’s just what these lucky winners found out for themselves!

P.S. What are your favorite games to play at (LINK)? Comment below and let us know!

Good luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

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