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Are PCH SuperPrize Winners Notified by Email or on Facebook? NO!

 Greetings, fans and friends!

Often, when I read your blog comments I see posts that go something like this:

These types of comments make me sad because there are shady individuals out there who want to scam fans like you!

So, let me make this perfectly clear:

  • Are PCH SuperPrize winners notified by email? NO!
  • Are PCH SuperPrize winners notified on Facebook? NO!
  • Are PCH SuperPrize winners notified on any type of social media … by text message … or by phone?

NO … NO … and NO!

Publishers Clearing House never contacts major prize winners by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any social media platform. And, PCH never contacts major prize winners by text message or telephone!

So, how does Publishers Clearing House contact major prize winners? I think you know the answer to that … the famous Prize Patrol loves to surprise our SuperPrize winners in person! In fact, most PCH prizes over $10,000 are awarded by the PCH Prize Patrol.

After all, one of the most thrilling things about winning a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize (apart from the prize, of course) is a surprise visit from the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol. So, if you ever receive some sort of notification that you’re a PCH major prize winner, but you’re left wondering, “Did I really win from Publishers Clearing House?” you may be the intended victim of a scammer pretending to be from PCH.  Don’t let that happen!

Want to read more about how PCH winners are notified? Read this!

Another important fact to remember is that there are never any strings attached to winning a Publishers Clearing House prize.  The winning at PCH is always free! We never ask for bank account information … there is no processing fee, tax or special handling charge required to win … and our prizes are delivered free of charge to the winners. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and  are asked to send or wire money, send a pre-paid gift card or a Green Dot MoneyPak card, or to cash a check and send a portion back as payment for any reason to claim a Sweepstakes prize – STOP! You have NOT heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.

If you have been contacted by a scammer, please don’t hesitate to fill out a Scam Incident Report.

At PCH, we want all our fans and friends to have fun and stay safe! And to all who enter, good luck!


Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of having fun, have you played Tri-Peaks Solitaire? It’s fun AND it’s free! Come back to the blog this afternoon and read all about this entertaining game … a few of our fans have commented that it’s one of their favorites!

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  1. Ive recently been scammed. They said i won weekly payments for life plus 1million and a new truck. They took over $400 from said for taxes and delivery. Plus they try to get loans and credit cards my name. How do they know games i play too? They took bill money which now i have cut off and no money to pay you. Stressing me out. I always pay my bills. They are harrassing me right now even. Said i have to pay delivery fee