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Activate your Activation Code at to go for a HUGE PRIZE!


Did you receive a special “snap-pack”-style PCH” Notice in the mail? It looks like the one pictured above.

Follow these simple instructions that could help make you RICH!

  1. Open up a new window on your computer screen and do THIS:

(OR, simply click on this link  in my Blog!)

  1. That will open up THIS page on your screen:

  1. NOW … follow these instructions: Copy the ACTIVATION CODE on the inside of your PCH snap-pack Notice into the yellow and red ENTER CODE HERE window and hit the SUBMIT CODE.

When you hit the “Submit Code,” a new page will appear that will ask you a few registration questions. Answer the questions, click “continue” and your entry will be officially submitted and eligible for placement on the PCH Winner Selection List for our $15,000,000 Prize Event in just weeks! The Winner Selection List is the official record of entries eligible to win a SuperPrize from Giveaway No. 8800. All timely eligible entries are on this list.


IMAGINE, just a few moments could be all it takes to win $15,000,000 (Fifteen Million Dollars) in no time!


  • Please do NOT type your personal ACTIVATION CODE into the “Comments” section below. Follow the instructions above to make sure your number is entered safe and sound to win our tremendous $15,000,000 Prize event.
  • Don’t worry if you DIDN’T receive the now Snap Pack Notice described above! There are LOTS and LOTS of ways to enter for this prize and so many others at PCH — visit  now and get started!

Best of luck,

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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  1. I’m poor, I’ve been with you guys for a really really along time now, and I never. all I do is get scams, a lot, its a dream to win with you guys.. if you are real…I got hacked on Facebook, they got all my info. And email…and my email was my moms, she told me I could use it because mine didn’t work.. so I have been playing your games and love it…

    1. Hello Edward, Thank you for contacting PCH. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Please reach out to our Digital Assistant where representatives are ready to assist with your concern. Please click the link here: for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.