Summer’s been sizzling … but our July PCHSearch&Win winners are RED HOT!

Hello, my friends! Whew, I don’t know what it’s like in your town, but lately, New York in July has been totally H.H.H. (Hazy, Hot + Humid). But the heat didn’t distract the smart people in the list below from Searching AND Winning awesome FREE PCH Prizes at Search&Win. And the WAY they won FREE […]

10 things you might not know or would be surprised to learn about PCH!

Warm greetings, my friends! As we’re all waiting for our Prize Patrol’s next big “hit” — delivering a guaranteed $5,000 A Week For Life to our next big winner — I thought it would be fun to share things you might not know or would be surprised to learn about PCH. After all, if the […]

Top 10 Trips You Could Take If You Won $5,000 A Week For Life!

As you know, someone is definitely, positively, absolutely going to WIN a huge $5,000 A Week For Life Publishers Clearing House prize very soon. And assuming you’ve been entering so you’re “in it to win it,” YOU could become our next lifetime winner. With $5,000 rolling in every week for the rest of your life, […]

Activate your Activation Code at for a HUGE PCH CASH PRIZE!

If you DID receive this special “snap pack”-style PCH Notice in the mail — that’s awesome! It contains an important message about a BIG PCH CASH PRIZE that’s ready to be awarded —and a special PCH Activation Code that you need to activate at immediately. Carefully remove the tabs on the top, side and […]

Happy “Fourth” from PCH, America’s “Yankee Doodle Sweepstakes”!

To get your holiday off to a rousing start, here’s a 4th of July song from Publishers Clearing House, your all-American Sweepstakes — sing it to the tune of George Cohan’s flag-waving favorite, “Yankee Doodle Boy”! We’re your Yankee Doodle Sweepstakes — As U.S.A. as apple pie! Making real-live winners all across this land, Is […]

HURRY … you’ve got until 11:59 PM (E.S.T.) tonight to send in the entry that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is IT, my dears! Our Prize Patrol is geared up and ready to deliver a “big check” this Sunday, along with a REAL $25,000 bank check for a first monthly payment, if someone returns the winning number for our June 30th $25,000 A Month For Life special early look prize event. And even if […]