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Did you receive this NOTICE OF CASH PRIZES in your mailbox? EXCELLENT!

The envelope above contains a Time Sensitive Advisory that will tell you about a BIG Instant PCH Cash prize that must be awarded immediately … and how to make sure you’re “in it to win it”!

Wouldn’t you like to win some PCH INSTANT CASH? Well, open up the envelope!

The letter talks about the $5,000.00 Instant Cash Prize that’s about to be awarded … AND about an even BIGGER PCH prize on a future award date.

Let me give you a “short-cut” to going for BOTH big PCH Prizes:

First, open up a new computer window … THEN DO THIS:

THAT will bring you to the exciting screen below — where you’re going to do THIS:

You’re just about DONE, my friend!

When you reach the next page, you’ll be asked a few registration questions. Click “CONTINUE” … and voila! You’re not only in the running for an exciting Instant Cash Prize … you could win an even a BIGGER Prize on a future date. That’s right: just a few clicks now could put $5,000.00 in your pocket before you know it.

Now, if you HAVEN’T received this Notice of Cash Prizes in your mailbox – no cause for alarm. There are a gazillion ways to win exciting prizes at Publishers Clearing House — every one of them fun and 100% FREE to enter and win. And be sure to fire up an entry every day for the spectacular $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize the PCH Prize Patrol guarantees to award next month.

Good luck!
Marybeth @ Publishers Clearing House

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  1. I am so confused as I also received a letter exactly like the photos above. I got really excited thinking I had won something really great so I contacted the pch chat line for help. (I usually remain cautious about any type of scam, but because this letter I received looked so real and legit AND because I started playing every day, throughout the day on the pch app and pch com for the last few months. Thinking all of my time spent on pch playing has paid off. ) Back to chat help… At first I was told and asked over and over if I had sent any money and the chat person kept sending me info on pch scams. Then the next person I spoke with said they send this letter to multiple people, but still a legit letter. I did exactly what the instructions told me to do and entered my activation code, but it sent me right back to the website. Still confused about all of this and hoping someone can explain the letter in more detail to me. Either way, I do enjoy playing the games on both pch com and the pch app. Just was hoping I had won something amazing. Thank you!!!