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Behind The Scenes of the PCH Online Creative Department!

Have you ever wondered who works Behind The Scenes at PCH? Well, first I’ll start by reintroducing myself. I’m Nicole M.; I’m a Copywriter in PCH’s Online Creative Department. I write for all different areas of PCH’s online content – including this very blog. 🙂

This is me, Nicole M. – Ready to take YOU Behind The Scenes!

Now, I’m about take you Behind The Scenes of PCH’s Online Creative Department. We’re a team of many driven, inspiring, and intelligent people … and we LOVE to bring our fans, like you, joy and happiness with PCH’s entertaining and rewarding online content – everything from our emails, website content, apps, and beyond.

Are you curious to learn what inspired these PCHers to pursue a Creative career? Well for me, I’ve loved to write ever since I was a kid; I always had my “writer’s notebook” on me, and would just write for hours. For my fellow PCHers, a few of them had similar stories to mine:

“I have always been interested in art. From a young age I would draw for what felt like days at a time in spare notebooks, and as I got older my interest in it grew.” – said Keith G., Web Designer at PCH.

“Similar to Nicole, writing is something that’s always been in me. As a child and a teen, I’ve always scribbled: poetry, stream of consciousness, journaling. I love words, and when well crafted, they can conjure any and every emotion. That’s powerful.” – said Tina P., Copywriter at PCH.

“I always had the artistic/creative bug. Throughout the years I kept developing them and just got better with it as I grew up. In time I eventually started learning how to use computer programs to bring my passion for it into the digital age.” – said Jason I., Web Designer at PCH.

Keith G. is in the zone.
Jason I. enjoys a nice cup of coffee while he works.

Isn’t it so inspiring to learn more about how some of our PCH family began their creative pursuits? Not only did they have amazing beginnings, they currently have the amazing experience of creating fun online content for our PCH fans. And now, they want you to know what they love about being on PCH’s Online Creative team:

“The best part about my job is getting the opportunity to conceptualize and implement fresh/new creative.” – said Matt S., who is both a Copywriter and a Web Designer at PCH.

“I love working with other creative types. There are so many talented people here at PCH, which makes the collaboration process really fun and inspired.” – said Tina P.

“Here in the online Creative Department, we have a real unique opportunity to get creative and show off what PCH can do!” – said Will F.

My favorite part is being able to use my imagination and creativity. Taking something from a thought to a full on and completed interactive experience is a rewarding feeling. My team that I work with is great to be around and work with. We have a real family vibe here. It’s encouraging & motivating.” – said Jason I.

Matt S. working hard at the PCH NYC Office.
Me and Will F. will miss the PCH Port Washington office, but we’re happy to turn a new leaf with our PCH family!

As you can tell, we at PCH love what we do. We love being a part of a team that helps to bring you the amazing PCH online content you see day-to-day. Most of all, all of us at PCH, in EVERY department, love to make our fans happy. When we read the comments right here on the blog, or on the Facebook pages, it brings a big smile to our faces to know that we have brought so much joy to so many people’s lives.

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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