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Summer Fashion 2017: What’s Hot This Summer

Just as reliable as the changing of the seasons, fashions also change. And, with summer starting to sizzle, the last thing you want to do is to be caught outside wearing last year’s summer fashions. So, here are some of the top summer fashion trends you can expect to see this season.


Stripes are making a big comeback this summer and why shouldn’t they? From nautical-inspired jackets to blue and white pants, skirts, and rompers, stripes can be found everywhere this time of year.

The Color Yellow

There’s no sunnier color in the palette than yellow, and this summer it is going to be one of the hottest colors around. And we’re not just talking about one shade either. All hues of yellow will be in high demand and worn by those in-the-know.

Single Shoulder Cut Tops

Last year cold shoulder tops were all the rage and that trend continues this summer, albeit with a twist. This summer, single shoulder cut tops are going to be the cat’s meow.

Slit Sleeves

Remember the flared sleeved tops you bought last year because they were in fashion? This year you might want to take scissors to the sleeves because slit sleeves are what will be in vogue this summer.

Fold Over Waists

This year you can say goodbye to boring belts because garments featuring fold over waists are going to take center stage. They’re all over the runways and they’re soon to be in all of your favorite stores if they aren’t already.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are comfortable, trendy, and some can even deliver a powerful social message. Wearing a smart graphic tee is a great way to tell the world what you think, and you’ll be cool and comfortable all the while.

Mismatched Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are large, chunky, and sometimes, gaudy. But, if you have multiple pairs of statement earrings, you can mismatch them and you’ll be looking like the height of couture fashion this summer.

Contrasting Bra Straps

For years there’s been an entire industry devoted to making women’s bra straps invisible. But no more. This summer, contrasting bra straps are in fashion.

Ankle Chains

It’s like it’s the 1980s all over again as ankle chains are making a big comeback this year. But, unlike the thin, wispy ankle bracelets of that bygone era, this summer you can expect to see chunkier ankle chains for a more layered look.


Robes. They’re not just for post-shower use anymore. This summer, you’ll see robes taking the place of evening coats. Wearing a robe over a bikini will also be popular for day-wear this summer.

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