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#WinnerWednesday: Are PCH Winners Real?

Greetings, fans and friends!

One of the most common questions I get, as an employee of Publishers Clearing House, is: Are PCH winners real?

My answer is always “Of course they’re real!” PCH has winners every day of the year. In fact, as I write this blog, at 10:33 AM on July 19, there have been 317 PCH winners today, 3,008 PCH winners this week, and 50,312 PCH winners this month! (Here at our cool new headquarters in Jericho, NY, there’s a nifty screen in the reception area letting everyone who visits know how many winners we have, in real time!)

And because today is my favorite day of the week – #WinnerWednesday – the day when we celebrate, both on the PCHblog and on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, PCH winners of smaller prizes, let’s meet some of those winners who will be the first to tell you that PCH is not fake!

Christina B. of Jersey City, NJ won $20,000 from Publishers Clearing House! “I felt excited and speechless, I was in disbelief and my body went numb,” she said about her winning moment. “I went running through my house and my 3 children and husband were shocked, just like I was.”

Christina plans to give some of the money to her church, pay something toward her student loan and maybe put a down payment toward a house for her family. “And I can give my daughter a nice graduation gift for graduating college,” she adds.

Thankful for the opportunities PCH has given her, Christina says, “They give everyone like myself – an average person – a chance at changing their life and financial status.”

And to those naysayers out there, Christina states, “I want to tell the people that don’t believe it, that PCH is real.”

Kim S. from Riverside, CA can tell you that her PCH prize is real. It may only be $5, but it gives her the motivation to keep playing PCH’s fun and free games (she tells us she loves the variety!). “I just really enjoy playing,” she says, adding that she hopes to win a bigger prize to secure her future. “Keep your faith” is her advice to all you fans and friends out there.

Bill D. from Hot Springs Village, AR won a $50 PCH prize, and feels great! “I love playing all the games,” he states. Bill told us he would use his prize to “buy something for a needy person.” How wonderful! Congratulations, Bill!

Last but not least, Angela P. (not pictured) of Everett, WA won a $10,000 PCH prize. When she laid eyes on her check, she tells us she had to do a double take. “It felt a little surreal,” she says.

“Entering the PCH Sweeps is my guilty pleasure,” she confesses. “I don’t tell many people that I play every day and have for years now.”

Angela wants everyone to know that by playing PCH’s games “there’s a real chance to win some cash.” When asked how she’ll spend her $10,000 prize, Angela told us she plans to use her winnings as seed money to open a cat shelter. How “purr-fect” is that!!

Christina, Kim, Bill and Angela – and thousands upon thousands of other recipients of PCH prizes – can certainly answer the question: Are PCH winners real?

Do YOU believe PCH is real? Would YOU like to win a PCH prize? Are YOU in it to win it? Then make sure you enter! Enter every day and in every way you can! Why not start immediately, by clicking on the “Enter Now” at the upper right hand corner of this blog page! Then maybe YOU could be starring in a future #WinnerWednesday blog, too!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize – no matter what the amount – comment below by writing “I am a PCH winner!” Or tweet us by using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. And, congratulations to all our winners – you know that PCH is real!

P.P.S. PCH Prize Patrol Elite member Dave Sayer always has the BEST stories! Check out this afternoon’s blog for a real doozy!

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