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See Who’s Winning This August at PCHSearch&Win

Hi, friends and fans!

August was a HOT month for winning here at PCH! And, now that that it’s coming to an end, let’s take our monthly look at who’s winning at PCHSearch&Win.

August PCHSearch&Win Winners

We awarded lots of cash to winners from all over with a different prize giveaway each day. Let’s hear what some of our winners had to say!

It’s a time to celebrate! David L. (pictured above) has been using PCHSearch&Win for about seven years and could not believe it when he learned he’d won a $25 Target Gift Card. When I asked him what he plans to do with his prize, he said, “That’s easy. Give it to my wife. She does most of the shopping.” GOOD ANSWER, DAVID, and Congrats!

Here’s a winner with a heart of gold! Ronald W. (not pictured) was completely amazed when he found out that he had won an incredible $250 Gift Card (Wow! That’s a lot of spending money)! But Ronald, an 84-year-old grandfather, has no plans to spend it on himself. Instead, he says he will “be using the gift card for things for his grandchildren, books for his wife to read, etc.” WHAT A GREAT GUY! Way to go, Ronald – enjoy!

The next winner is our official #1 MOM OF THE MONTH for August 2017 here at PCH! Victoria L. (not pictured) has been using PCHSearch&Win for 2+ years and was shocked and thrilled to learn she had won a $250 Gift Card! Selflessly, she said she plans to use her prize money on a special birthday gift for her son. BEST MOM EVER — CONGRATS ON BEING OUR #1 OF THE MONTH, VICTORIA!

And these are just a few of our many winners for August! I wish we could call out each and every one of our REAL WINNERS for our REAL FANS like you, but wouldn’t you rather be winning yourself?!

Click Here and start searching now for anything at all like recipes, coupons, fall events, etc. for your chance to take home a prize (just like David, Ronald and Victoria) this September!

Good Luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you could win a gift card to anywhere, where would it be? Let us know in the comments below!

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