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Keep The Faith Like Our Newest Winner Just Did!

Nothing worth winning is ever easy. How many times have you heard that one?

Well, it’s true! Have you ever felt that no matter what you did or how hard you tried, it just wasn’t enough to reach your goal? Ever feel like just giving up? I’m sure most of us have found ourselves thinking these negative thoughts at some point. It’s only natural.

So how do you start to feel motivated again to keep going forward, no matter what? I suppose all of you have your own method. In fact, we’ve heard from fans like you in the past, right here on the blog, when we asked them: “How do you inspire others to keep trying?” Some of your answers were truly uplifting!

Speaking of uplifting, Jane Goodwin of Randolph, MA just won $1 Million today! If you’re wondering how she stayed motivated to stay in it to win it … if she entered every chance she got … if she kept at it until she won big … well, you’ll just have to head on over to the Prize Patrol Facebook page to see her incredible winning moment now!

I’m sure she, too, may have felt disappointed when she didn’t win in the past. But what did she do? She kept at it, entered whenever she could, and it finally paid off big time with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR win!

Let me share just three ways that I know of that can help you to keep the faith and stay in it to win it, starting right now!

Go For One Of Our Daily Prizes!

 To date we’ve awarded over $340 Million in prizes! Of course we give out lots of big SuperPrizes every year. But we also give out lots of instant cash prizes, gift cards, merchandise and more on our different properties. In fact, we award 300 prizes EVERY DAY! The opportunities are there for anyone to grab … on their computer, on their phone, tablet or through the mail. We’ve heard from our past winners of smaller prizes that winning a small prize was enough to keep them motivated to keep on playing and entering in hopes of winning something even BIGGER. In fact, lots of our fans enjoy playing the games at PCHgames for chances to win instant prizes. They ARE super fun. And you can earn tokens just for playing that you can redeem at the PCH Token Exchange for even more chances to win!

Check Out Some of Our PCH Winners Videos!

There’s nothing more heartwarming and awe-inspiring than to see the joy on a surprised winner’s face. Click here  for some real PCH winning moments that capture our winners’ genuine reactions to seeing the PCH Prize Patrol at their door! These videos can be a truly rewarding experience in and of themselves!

Keep Reading The PCH Blog!

It’s here that you’ll always find the latest breaking news about our prizes, how to enter, our winners, and behind-the-scenes stories about PCH and the Prize Patrol. It’s also here that you get the chance to join fellow PCH fans who are ready to offer you support, advice and encouragement in the comments section below. You’ll always feel welcome in this lively community of wishers and dreamers with high hopes for a better future! Their optimism and loyalty is truly amazing, and what they have to share can be incredibly motivating. Why not check out the comments section now? Better yet, take a few moments to offer your own words of encouragement. Someone out there may really need to hear your words of advice to cheer them on toward reaching their goal of winning big someday! Best of luck everyone!

Jane M.
PCH Creative


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  1. Going on 9 years this year and probably missed only a handful of entries! I AM A 3x winner, been holding VIP/VIP ELITE the whole 9 years! Nobody believes in PCH anymore where I live but that’s not stopping me from entering! I pray and have so much faith every time I summit an entry! I’m in it to win it! Keep it up yall! You can’t win if you don’t enter, keep the faith, and good luck ??

  2. Don’t give up. Simple. If you want it you have to take it. Speak into the world and let it be known by other entities. Once there is more in alliance with your thoughts you now have it motion. Moving forward. Don’t give up