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What Could YOU do with $1,000.00 A Day For Life? Need suggestions?

I know, I know … if you win our Special Early Look event on October 13th, you’d have NO trouble figuring out how to spend $1,000 checks arriving each and every day for life!

But! Just for fun and to get you really thinking about winning all that money — and to inspire you to enter, enter, enter to win it  — take a look at our 7-day “itinerary” for enjoying $1,000 A Day For Life:

Am I right? And even if you aren’t working, it would be cool to be free of money worries that keep you from what YOU want to do. With One Thousand Dollars rolling in every day for life, you can travel, take classes, indulge in expensive hobbies, redesign your home, invent a better golf ball — you’d call all the shots!

Wouldn’t it be great not to have debt hanging over your head, to be able to spend money freely on all the things you and your family want and need? Winning $1,000 A Day For Life would do away with money worries for good!


Pick out the shiniest, most gorgeous and option-loaded car on the lot — then just sign and drive it away! With a $1,000 “paycheck” every single day for life, , you can pick out another car next week!


What would be in YOUR dream home? A professional-style kitchen with custom appliances? A big new workshop stocked with top-of-the-line tools?   A beautifully landscaped garden and a sparkling pool in the back? With a $365,000 annual income — $1,000 A Day For Life — a winner could have it all.

When asked how they’d spend a big PCH Prize, friends like you have almost always answered, “I’d like to be able to help my family.” That’s beautiful. With your lifetime of daily $1,000 checks  if you win, you’ll have plenty of cash to share with loved ones — and with your church, community and favorite charities, too.

Have you ever heard the expression, “You’ve got to have money to make money”? A $1,000 A Day For Life winner  would definitely have LOTS of funds to invest, to get the most out of his or her fortune for one lifetime — and leave a lasting legacy for loved ones, too.

As a big winner, you could invite your family, your friends, your church — heck, the whole neighborhood! Hire a caterer to do the cooking — and someone else to do the cleaning up afterward. It would be YOUR responsibility to accept congratulations and to smile, smile, SMILE!

(You know, it could be that the matching winning number won’t be returned on time for this $1,000 A Day For Life prize event , and we’ll have to go to a second chance drawing. But there’s a happy ending: the winner of that drawing will win One Million Dollars. Either way, someone is going to win a huge PCH prize in weeks … guaranteed.)

But enough out of me: it’s time for YOU to tell US what you could do with $1,000 A Week For Life. Please let us know in the “Comments” section below.  

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: enter right now and every day, every which way you can!

All the best,

Publishers Clearing House

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