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Where Oh Where Will Our Prize Patrol Go?

They’re on a mission … to deliver a PCH “Big Check” to one lucky winner this Friday … but where will THAT be?

By now, with our SuperPrize award date coming up in 2 days, our Prize Patrol KNOWS where they’re going. They’re busily making all the arrangements, from programming the winner’s address on the Prize Patrol Van’s GPS and contacting the local news stations to calling the town florist (for a big bouquet of red roses and a “bouquet” of PCH balloons, too).

The Prize Patrol knows … but where do YOU think they’ll go with a “Big Check” in two days?  Up the east coast to Boston MA or Portland ME –– or all the way up to Nova Scotia or Newfoundland?  Or maybe they’ll fly and drive South, to Atlanta GA, Baton Rouge LA or Miami FL.  We’ve had LOTS of winners in the Midwest and ‘way out West, too … Cleveland OH, Lincoln NE, Sacramento CA –– you name the place, and we’ve made someone a PCH winner there!

But here’s ANOTHER very important question:

Where do you WANT the Prize Patrol to bring a Big Check this Friday?

Could be!  I certainly don’t know —  it could very well be you  who becomes our SuperPrize Winner on October 13 . Only time — a very short time — will tell … so come back to this blog tomorrow for more on this exciting, imminent prize award … and on Friday, the BIG day, when we’ll give you “clues from the road” about  where the Prize Patrol is headed.  And be sure to check our Facebook page for tantalizing behind-the-scenes info from our Prize Patrol.

It is my sincere hope that YOU’LL find out where the Prize Patrol is headed with a ring and a knock on your front door this Friday, October 13th. That would be the luckiest Friday the 13th ever — so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

And please … be sure to tell us your thoughts on where the Prize Patrol will bring a “Big Check” in two days — just jot them down in the Comments section below.

Keep the faith — and keep on entering at PCH!

Your friend,

PCH Creative


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