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Meet Fran Chargar, Our Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner

Many people think of “Friday the 13th” as a day to be avoided for reasons of bad luck or even worse — like you see in a horror movie.  But October 13th, 2017 is a day that one woman will never forget because it turned out to be one of the luckiest days of her life!  It’s when the PCH Prize Patrol showed up and awarded her two unbelievable financial windfalls: a Million Dollar SuperPrize plus $10,000 A Year for Life to our newest PCH SuperPrize Winner!

Fran Chargar stood dumbfounded in her gym clothes as the Prize Patrol — on Facebook Live  — walked up with roses, balloons and two Big Checks.  She was literally speechless and finally announced “I feel great” as a local reporter urged her to say something.

Fran’s reaction was not that unusual.  Numerous times we Prize Patrol’ers have waited for the reality of the “winning moment” to sink in.   Winners believe that the Publishers Clearing House prize awards they see on TV are real; they just never thought such a thrill would happen to them.

A minute or so later Fran exclaimed “I am in shock … I can’t believe this … I never won anything in my life!”

Fran works full-time and looks forward to paying off a lot of bills, moving from her current apartment (in the New York suburbs) and traveling.  As a grandmother of one and a second on the way, she wants to set up college funds for the childrens’ future.

Fran loves to play “PCH Games” and does so almost every day – thereby taking advantage of all the opportunities to “play and win” at Publishers Clearing House.  Clearly her dedication paid off “big time.”

Congratulations, Fran, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of winners!  And to the rest of you, do what Fran did and enter the PCH Sweepstakes every chance you get — and you could be a winner too!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. When the Prize Patrol awards a PCH SuperPrize, it’s always big news. Here are some examples of how Fran’s windfall was reported by the local media:

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