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A Breathtaking Prize Patrol Delivery — In More Ways Than One

The PCH “winning moments” you see on TV are understandably brief, being compressed into commercials as short as 15 seconds.  So you cannot see everything that the Prize Patrol experiences when we make a “Big Check” delivery.

On October 18 our assignment took us to El Paso, Texas – a bustling West Texas city right on the Mexican border.

I was there for another prize award 20+ years ago when we surprised Harold Pease and his wife Olga, a busy mother who was so skeptical of our “real-ness” that she kept doing her laundry as we tried to hand her a Big Check for a prize worth many thousands of dollars.  That time the Prize Patrol flew in and out of eastern El Paso without taking in the gorgeous scenery.

This time our winner, Carlos Maesa, lived on the western side of the majestic Franklin Mountains that bisect El Paso.  But Carlos wasn’t home!   His son Sammy told us he worked on the eastern side.  So over the mountains we went.  This was an inconvenient detour – but what a glorious ride!  The views and the scenery were breathtaking.

The “winning moment” that awaited the Prize Patrol at Carlos’s workplace was breathtaking, too.  Not only was he speechless, his beaming acceptance of a $20,000 check a joy to behold, but his applauding co-workers could not have been happier for their good friend — who has worked for this building supply company for 17 years.  As we were leaving the workplace, another son, Emmanuel, raced in having heard the good news from his mother Mollie – who was the first person Carlos phoned.

With three sons and a granddaughter, plus bills to pay, Carlos will have no trouble putting his prize money to good use.

Carlos won by entering our sweepstakes almost daily at .  Enter like he did (and says he will continue to do!) and you too could be a winner of thousands even millions of dollars!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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