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5 Tips On How To Help Others If You Won The PCH SuperPrize

How would you help others if you had the ways and means to reach out in ways you never thought possible?

Our latest PCH SuperPrize could be just the ticket you need to take care of your own needs AND to help others who could really use some cash.  It’s called the “Turn Back Time” Prize Event and I’ll explain. Let’s say you had won the $5,000.00 A Week For Life Prize back in 2007. You would have already enjoyed 10 years’ worth of weekly payments totaling a cool $2.6 Million. Well, we’re ready to award a lucky winner $2.6 Million upfront (that’s win-for-life payments for the past 10 years) plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

Just imagine having that kind of money coming in every week, week after week, year after year. Let me give you 5 Ways To Help Others, with inspiring stories about what some of our past big winners did to spread the wealth!

1) Give Some Cash To The Kids

We would all do anything for our children, so this is probably top of the list for most of our winners. Take Karl Jonsson, who won the $1 Million PCH SuperPrize and said “My big plan is to eventually buy a nice sized chunk of land and divvy it up among my six kids so we can all have our own homes and help take care of each other.” And “Forever” Prize winner Tamar Howard made sure that each one of her darling three daughters gets to go to the college of her choice.

2) Help A Family Member In Need

 It could be a parent, a brother or sister, an aunt or an uncle who needs a helping hand and now you’d be able to do it! In fact, our first “Forever” Prize winner, John Wyllie, said: “First thing I’m going to do? Buy my dad a house.” He then added: “As long as I can make somebody else happy with some of this, that’d be good with me.”

3) Help A Friend

 We’ve all had a dear friend in need … maybe suffering from an illness with the medical bills piling up … going through an emotional struggle … or unemployed and searching for work. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give them a generous check or take their mind off things for a while? Leroy Faulks, who won our $1 Million PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life Mega Prize, threw a big party for friends and family to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful and unforgettable evening for all, and it was all on PCH!

 4) Donate To Charity

Holly Bloom, another $1 Million PCH SuperPrize winner, said that high on her list of priorities was to share some of the blessing with Junior Achievement, a youth organization close to her heart. She said, “Junior Achievement does a lot with young adults, and they teach classes dealing with real-life situations. I want to be able to share my experiences, like how I taught myself to get through the hardships I’ve been through.”

5) Give Back To Your Community

 Gerard Rivera won $1.25 Million through PCHlotto  and moved out of his neighborhood in Philadelphia to start a new life in Florida. He started his own company and bought an apartment building. He says, “That’s where I live, and I work on taking care of my tenants.” And where would he like to see the Prize Patrol come next? “I’d love for them to come to my apartment building and give a big prize to one of my tenants.”

 I hope these “winning” stories of “paying it forward” get you inspired. These people all won a truly life-changing fortune and spread the wealth to help others and make this world a better place! So tell us in the comments section below – whom would you help if you won the PCH SuperPrize?

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I remembered when Gerard R won and mentioned apartment buildings. I’ve been entering way back – waiting, hoping, and putting all my efforts into entries everyday. It will bring me and my family a better life also.

  2. Montessori education was my career passion. I would love to win the Super Prize and award educational scholarships to low income students who also have that passion and commitment. Education is still a pretty low income for most of us, but we choose it because of our strong convictions to serve and educate. Many walk a way from this profession to go to higher paying careers. No one should have to pay for an educational degree and then have huge debt in a career that won’t allow them to enjoy at least a middle income existence while doing such a necessary job. Children are our future and deserve an education and educator that is able to provide such a valued service.