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It’s almost winter. Dreaming of your best beach vacation?

Wow, Thanksgiving is in just days — can winter be far behind?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to escape the chilly winds and dig your toes into the warm sand of a beautiful, sun-drenched beach?  Come on … let’s find the perfect beach for you!

Let’s go beach-combing. Can you picture yourself on these beach vacations?

Strolling Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches?

In this truly magical place, you can explore underground pools and coral reef formations …  swim with the dolphins … or just take in the view from beautiful Horseshoe Bay Beach.  You might even glimpse majestic humpback whales breaching in the distance. Discover why romantic Bermuda is a top-ten destination for generations of honeymooners.

Watching the sun set over Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands’?

Imagine strolling on soft white sugar sand, taking in incomparable sunset views. At Seven Mile Beach, you can stand in warm calm water so clear, you can see all the way down to your toes. Could this be where you’ll find your best beach vacation?

Going  snorkeling in Poipu Beach, Hawaii?

Or maybe you’d like to give surfing lessons a try!  Then, watch monk seals and sea turtles  — or just laze on the sun-kissed beach, drifting off to the gentle murmur of the Pacific washing over the sandy shore.

Swimming in the blue Mediterranean off Sicily’s sunny shoreline?

Sicily is where you’ll find spectacular beaches tucked between ocean cliffs and colorful seaside villages, with volcanoes spurting steam in the distance. At night, while enjoying fresh seafood and homemade pasta in a seaside trattoria, you might decide  your best beach vacation is here, at the toe of Italy’s “boot.”

Checking out all the fun in South Carolina’s  Myrtle Beach?

With stretches of silky white sand, here is a beach destination with something for everyone: water parks, sailing, fishing, surfing, amusement parks, live entertainment — and over 100 golf courses to choose from. It’s no wonder that  generations of families have chosen Myrtle Beach as their best beach vacation. Would you?

Once you pick your perfect beach … can you go?

You deserve to take the beach vacation of your dreams …  the sooner the better.  It’s just a matter of carving out the time … and, of course, finding the extra money.  Money for airfare, a hotel, restaurants, excursions, a new bathing suit, cabana rentals — it can really add up.

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What do you think of my idea?

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I hope your dreams of taking the best beach vacation ever will come true.


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