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Top Ten Things To Do With 10 Years Of Back Payments

Top 10 Things You Could Do With 10 Years of Back Payments

One of our favorite things to do here at PCH is to change lives for the better.  And we’ve certainly done that by awarding some pretty big prizes to folks around the country! In fact we’re ready to do it again with our “Turn Back Time” Special Early Look Prize Event .  Just imagine what it would be like if you had won $5,000 a week for life way back in the year 2007.  By now you would have received a whopping  $2.6 Million total in weekly payments. This prize pays all that upfront (that’s win-for-life back payments for the past ten years) PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

But let’s just concentrate for now on that first big up front payment of $2.6 Million in back payments. That’s one big pile of money to play with.  What would you do with it if the Prize Patrol awarded it to you? I thought of a Top 10 Things To Do list that I’d love to share with you now.

(1) Take A Dream Vacation

That’s exactly what some of our past big winners did. In fact, Mega Prize winner Leroy Faulks continues to cruise around the world with his wife whenever they can. Now they can just plan it and do it!

 (2) Buy A Brand New Car

This time when the car dealer says: “Have I got a car for you”, you can reply: “Great, I’ll take it fully loaded!”  There would be no need to haggle and you could get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

 (3) Buy A Dream Home

Go for the perfect location, the perfect size, the back yard and all those amenities that make you happy!  You could finally have the extra room you’ve always wanted!

(4) Buy A New Boat

If you’ve always had your sights set on cruising the open water, or fishing from the lap of luxury, now would be the time to turn that dream into a reality!

(5) Go On A Whirlwind Shopping Spree

You could go have the ultimate shopping trip for those things that up until now you could only wish for. Treat yourself to the most beautiful jewelry, wardrobe, whatever, that money can buy!

(6) Start Or Add To Your Retirement Nest Egg

If you’re more of a planner and a saver instead of a spender, you might choose to put money away for retirement or invest it wisely so it grows even bigger.

(7) Help A Loved One In Need

If you suddenly had the ways and means to lend a helping hand, your first thought may be to reach out to that special someone struggling to pay a mortgage or their medical bills. You could do it with the “Turn Back Time” prize!

(8) Donate To Charity

You could finally be generous when it comes to giving toward a good cause. Imagine being able to support others in need and spread the blessing!

(9) Pay Off Those Bills

For most of us, it just makes sense to get out of debt first. Imagine being able to wipe that slate clean!

(10) Take Care Of Your Health

If you’ve had to put those doctor visits onto the back burner, now you’d be able to finally take care of those things to feel your best so you could get the most out of life!

So how about you? What would you do with those 10 years of back payments ($2.6 Million) if you won the “Turn Back Time” prize?  Please tell us in the comments section below!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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