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It’s Break Time!

Need a Play Break? Then PCH Is the Place for You!

Dearest PCH Fans,

We’ve all been there: long workdays, errands piling up, making sure you have time to watch the latest episode of Scandal (no spoilers in the comments, I’m way behind). Sometimes, I find the best way to keep track of everything going on in your life is by making time for a play break!

When I find the tasks mounting up or the days dragging by, it helps me to take a step back and take a quick break to refocus—and there are studies that back this up! (And if you’ve listened to the Hamilton Original Cast Recording as many times as I have, you already know how important it is to “Take a Break!”)

Sometimes, I’ll take a short walk around the office to reenergize. Other times, I’ll grab a snack. But my favorite way to take a quick break is to play a game!

What Better Place to Take a Play Break than PCH?

Maybe I’m a little biased, but my favorite destination to game on the web is PCHgames! (Even though, as an employee, I can’t win I still love to play!) There are dozens of games to enjoy, from classic card games like Klondike Solitaire to more original games like Pegland (and if you haven’t checked out Pegland, stop what you’re doing and play now, it’s THAT fun).

PegLand – Fantasy Beats Reality Every Time!
Easy to play, but a challenge to master, it’s a fan favorite at PCHgames!


But one of the best things about PCHgames is how quick you can play some of the games! Especially our Minute Mania games, which—you guessed it!—take just a minute. It’s the perfect way to break up the day and give yourself a minute to refocus.

There’s More Than Playing at PCHgames…There’s WINNING!

Not only is there so much you can play at PCHgames, but there’s so much you can win! There are daily tournaments that reward our top scorers and some of our top Token Earners with a CASH PRIZE! (And there are different winners for players on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so play on all of your devices!)

Then, when you play 10 games, you get a shot at instant-win cash in our Briefcase Bonus game! Now, if you’re like me, you’re usually too busy to play 10 games all at once, but taking mini-breaks throughout the day will help keep your focus up! And who wouldn’t love if keeping up your focus came with a cash win!

So before you find yourself muttering, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” take a PCH play break! And while you’re at it, tell us what your favorite ways to break up the day are in the comments below!

Happy Gaming and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Will F.
PCH Creative

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