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#WinnerWednesday: Do You Wish You Were a PCH Winner?

Greetings, fans and friends!

Do you wish you were a PCH winner? Do you believe that one day you will be blessed with a PCH prize? Whether you’ve been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for only a week or for decades, do you think you’ll win PCH?

All you’ve got to do, folks, is BELIEVE! I’ve read so many blog comments from fans who were ready to give up. “That’s it!” they say, “I’ve been entering for years and I haven’t won a cent!”

Please … please … please, don’t give up! There are tons of prizes to be won at PCH. All you’ve got to do is be “in it to win it” – just like these smaller prize winners on today’s #WinnerWednesday Blog. For more #WinnerWednesday winners, check out the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

Speaking of the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, that’s where I found Belinda S. (pictured above), who won $650 from Giveaway #8331. Over 1,100 PCH Facebook fans “liked” the post about her win. Hey, what’s not to like about $650?

Debbie N. (not pictured) commented on the PCH Blog, “I am a PCH winner of $10.00. I am in it to win it. I play every day. I know one day I will win big!”

Victoria B. (also not pictured) has won not one, not two, but three small PCH prizes! She says, “I have been playing PCH for about 12 years. My first prize was an gift card for $5.00 from playing scratch-offs. The second was a check for $10.00 from playing instant win games. And the last was a check for $50.00 from playing PCHlotto.”

Victoria tells me that she plays every day and is just waiting for her turn to win big someday.

Fans and friends, ever since I started writing our twice-monthly #WinnerWednesday blogs I’ve been in contact with so many wonderful folks who were in it to win it … and won it! If you want to be inspired, I encourage you to read their stories by typing “#WinnerWednesday” in the search bar at the upper right hand corner of this blog page.

Then, after you’re done enjoying the “winning moments” of our smaller PCH prize winners, I encourage you to enter every day in every way you can!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize – no matter what the amount – comment below by writing “I am a PCH winner!” Or tweet us by using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? You just might appear in a #WinnerWednesday blog like this one!

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