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How Would YOU Respond If You Were Our SIXTH “Forever” Prize Winner?

Hey, PCH Friends and Fans,

It’s time to the start the New Year on an exciting note! You may have already heard, but we will definitely be awarding our SIXTH $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize next month!

“Forever” is a long time! Just how long is it? If you win the “Forever” prize, not only will you receive $5,000.00 a week for life, but after that, a beneficiary of your choosing will continue to receive a lifetime of weekly payments in the same amount!

It’s almost impossible to imagine what winning a life-changing fortune would be like and never having to worry about money woes again! But there are FIVE past “Forever” prize winners who may be able to give a hint as to what you can expect if you win!

Let’s look back on them now!

John Wyllie, the Original Winner

Back in August of 2012, John Wyllie didn’t know what was happening when the Prize Patrol showed up to the mobile estate community where he lived, complete with an escort from the local sheriff!

John was stunned, shaking with emotion. For me though, the best thing about John’s reaction is how he immediately plans to buy his father a new home. His first thought is taking care of the person who had taken of him. A real winner in my book!

Michael Miller, Stunned Silent

Our next “Forever” prize winner was Michael Miller. Michael and his family were totally caught off guard when the Prize Patrol arrived, but I just love how differently they reacted. His mother opens the door, overcome with excitement, but then Michael is stunned speechless when Dave tells him he’s a winner, and not just any old winner, but a “Forever” prize winner! It’s a lot to process! But by the end, he’s jumping for joy that he’s “set for life!”

Tamar Howard, One Lucky Mother

I admit, Tamar has one of my favorite winning moments because it’s pretty close to how I would react: running out the door, screaming (I have been known to scream for joy over just about anything)!

But my favorite thing about Tamar is that she was a pre-nursing student who continued her education, even while being a mom. She has a real passion for helping people, and being a “Forever” prize winner just enables her to do that even more!

Ryan Hart, Our Youngest Lifetime Winner

Winning a lifetime prize is a big deal, but especially for a 21-year old! Ryan is our youngest ever lifetime prize winner, which means he’s got his whole life to pursue whatever dreams and passions he wants! But like our other winners, Ryan’s got a soft spot for his family. His first priority after winning? Helping his father pay off and then fix up the house!

Ora Gayton, the Newest Member of the Club

Our most recent “Forever” winner was Ora Gayton, who had been entering at PCH since the 1980s! When the Prize Patrol showed up, while Ora was surprised, she just kept the faith and believed her moment would come. “Keep playing, keep hoping, keep the dream alive, because you never know when that dream is going to materialize,” her daughter, Charlene, said.

We’ll soon have another lucky member of this “Forever” prize winners’ club! How would you react if you saw the Prize Patrol coming to your door on February 23rd? Would you be stunned silent like Michael or screaming like Tamar (or me when I found out I was going to see Hamilton)?

Let us know in the comments below!

Will F.
PCH Creative


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  1. I think I would be shocked, amazed , I
    Might even shout Glory , Hallelujah!!!
    I have struggled for so long! I know God has a plan, I have lost so much, but I believe in miracles, and I know my turn is coming! I feel it in my heart, down to my soul! I have faith that my dreams are going to come true !

  2. Wow! Congratulations to All these Winners. Stay Blessed and Faithful. Amen. I am banking on A Prayer be cause God is Good to Me. To All the Fans just keep playing because One of Us just has to Win. Remember if Your Here playing Your already a winner because You believe A Miracle can Happen to You at!