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Wait Till You See What Our December Token Exchange Winners Won!

I’m really impressed with all the amazing prizes our December winners put under their trees when they “cashed in” their Tokens for chances to win at our PCH Rewards Token Exchange .

FREE Prizes and Gift Cards And Cash … Oh My!

Our December Token Exchange winners didn’t wait for Santa to bring them an Apple TV, a Kitchen Aid Mixer, an iPad Air, a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Garmin GPS — all the seriously cool stuff that WE hoped we’d get instead of the slippers or fruitcake.  And all those FREE gift cards! Our December winners are hitting the January sales with gift cards from Amazon, Zappos, Sears, Walmart, Home Depot —  the stores that stock the things we really want and need.

And our December Token Exchange winners  scored LOTS of good, old-fashioned one-size-fits-all FREE CASH prizes, too – from $25 all the way up to $500.  That’s crazy! You want to know why?

Our December Winners’ “Secret” Was Having Fun Playing PCH Games And Searching At PCH Search& Win!

FIRST, our December Token Exchange winners had a blast racking up Tokens at our FREE-TO-PLAY-and-win games at PCHlotto, PCHslots, PCHblackjackFIND ‘EM ALL HERE  and start playing! And those smart December winners also won tokens with Web look-ups at PCHSearch&Win.

THEN, ALL those smart, lucky folks brought ALL their tokens to the PCH Rewards Token Exchange  for chances to win big FREE PCH prizes … and they WON them!

Finally, Here Are Our December Token Exchange Winners And Here Is What They Won:


Want To Be On Our January Token Exchange Winners’ List? Come Play And Search!

WHY NOT TREAT YOURSELF to “Christmas in January”… or February or any month in the calendar? Then come on over to PCHGames or PCHSearch&Win  and have a fine old time piling up lots and lots of golden PCH Game Tokens … before bringing them over to our PCH Rewards Token Exchange  for more exciting chances to win.

Looking forward to seeing “your name in lights” on next month’s list, my dear chums. You deserve it!

Your PCH pal,

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