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#WinnerWednesday: Lots Of People Win PCH Prizes!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Welcome to another exciting edition of #WinnerWednesday, where twice a month on the PCH Blog we spotlight winners of smaller PCH prizes. (You can also check out our #WinnerWednesday posts every Wednesday on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I find the PCH winners to spotlight on these blogs. Well, at the bottom of the blog post I ask our fans to comment, “I am a PCH winner!” Then I email them and invite them to share their “winning moments” with you. This time, I had so many responses from fans who had won smaller prizes, I just had to spotlight them all … so here they are! (By the way, not all our winners provided photos but their stories are all inspiring!)

Alesia W. (pictured above) enters to win just about every way one possibly can, and wants you all to know that she won a $10 prize from PCH Giveaway #10933. “I was playing Black Friday instant win cards in November 2017 and then ‘Congratulations, you have won $10’ appeared on the screen,” she says. “I was excited even though it wasn’t a Big Prize, because I actually won something. I’m working toward that Big Prize by entering and playing every day. I will go on sites like the PCH Blog,, the PCH app (iphone) (android), the PCH Lotto app (iphone) (android), Games, PCH slots, PCH Blackjack, PCH Frontpage, PCH Search and Win, and my daily emails.” Alesia also follows PCH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“I have faith and believe that ‘Quitters Never Win,’ which is a quote from the PCH Blog,” Alesia continues. “So I keep entering and playing. You’ll never know.”

Colleen M. writes that this year she won a couple of gift cards and a $10 check from PCH … and she is currently waiting for a $200 check she won on Episode 21 of Inside PCH’s “Watch Then Win” segment on December 18, 2017 (Wow, congrats to you, Colleen!).

“I have been entering since 1983,” Colleen says. “A couple of years ago I won movie tickets and a check for $10. I definitely believe that I will win a big prize someday! Of course, the SuperPrize would be wonderful, but I would be just as happy with a new truck and a dream home. If I win a smaller $10,000 – $50,000 prize, that would cover needed dental work and air conditioning for our current home. Every time I am playing pchlotto, Minute Mania, searching at PCHSearch&Win, entering the sweeps or reading PCHfrontpage, I remember to make positive affirmations.”

Katrina S. comments, “I won $10 from PCH! One day I’ll be a SuperPrize winner!” Well, stay in it to win it, Katrina and maybe someday you will be!

Cindy T. shown above says, “I won a $10 PCH prize a few years back, so I know I’ll win the SuperPrize soon!” Cindy encourages all our fans to not give up, especially when so many people claim that PCH is a scam, which she assures you it is not. Cindy enters every day by calling our toll-free number, by searching on PCHSearch&Win, and by playing our free Lotto and Slots games.

Gena C. told everyone at work that she won Publishers Clearing House and no one believed her until she showed them a picture of her check. She actually won a $10 PCH prize TWICE! “It was only $10 but it’s a matinee movie ticket or some gas in my car, right?” she says.

Gena is a believer that real people win PCH prizes and she plays our fun and free games every day. And though she knows you don’t need to place an order to enter the PCH Sweeps, Gena is happy with the products she’s purchased, including a portable charging device she claims is “the best charger I’ve ever had,” screen repair tape, toy cars for her kids, and lanterns for her son who is a Cub Scout.

Barbara G. comments on the blog to tell us that she won two $10 gift cards this year. Did you know that PCH awards gift cards to some of your favorite online and retail stores like Target, Walmart and

Last but not least, Joan H. won $100 from PCH ten years ago and is still excited about it! Joan says she felt surprised and blessed. “I won on my computer, playing games. It was amazing!!!!” she writes, using 4 exclamation marks.

Remember, fans and friends, if you’ve won a PCH prize – no matter what the amount – comment below by writing “I am a PCH winner!” Or tweet us by using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? I might just send you an email and invite you to appear in a #WinnerWednesday blog like this one!

And, most importantly, whether you’re already a PCH winner or a PCH winner wannabe, enter every day in every way you can!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget … if you’ve ever won a PCH Prize, comment below and let everyone know about it!

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