Has Your Family Entered To Win The PCH Sweepstakes For Generations?

Recently, a PCH fan commented here on the blog that four generations of her family members have been entering the PCH Sweepstakes, playing off and on for years. While members of the first and second generations have passed, this fan (the third generation) wanted to prove to her son and daughter (the fourth generation) that entering to win PCH is neither a waste of time nor a waste of dreams.

Entering the PCH Sweeps … It’s a Family Tradition!

I’ve read comments from many fans that they are not the first in their families to enter to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Pamela H., a winner of several small PCH prizes, who was featured last month in a #WinnerWednesday blog, writes, “My mother entered  for years, before computers, and never won anything before she passed away, but I’m still holding out for BIGGER checks.”

Baseball, apple pie and the Publishers Clearing House Sweeps!

It’s no surprise that the PCH Sweepstakes has become an American tradition. After all, we’ve been giving money away since 1967 when we began promoting our world-famous sweepstakes to call attention to our unbeatable magazine deals. In fact, since 1967 Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $382 million in prizes!

Perhaps you even remember your parents or grandparents receiving our Bulletins (like the one pictured above from 1986), and affixing those stamps and stickers from our colorful flyers to their entry forms in order to enter the sweeps! Nowadays, we still have those stamps in our mailings, but we’ve also added many other ways to enter to win PCH, including the PCH app, exciting sites like PCHlotto, PCHkeno, PCHSearch&Win … and many, many more!

Yes, we’ve been turning dreamers into winners for over 50 years … and we’re not stopping now! And neither will our amazing fans and friends like you, who are in it to win it!

So, fans, I turn it over to you: Has PCH been part of your family tradition? How many generations of your family have been entering the PCH Sweeps? Do you have any special PCH memories you can recall? Or, are you starting a new family tradition – and inspiring the next generation – by entering the PCH sweeps? Comment below … we’d love to hear your story!

Thank you, everyone, for allowing PCH to be part of your family!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I am 2nd generation PCH and I have been entertaining since 1969. I have own 3 small prizes ($10, $10 and $50) but expect to win a big prize some day.

  2. My grandparents went through the depression, as a lot of people did. They came out really poor, and the price of a stamp was too precious to take a chance on. My parents were a bit more adventurous and would send in one entry with all the colorful stickers, every two weeks when my Dad got paid. There is 5 siblings to fight over licking stickers. Now, I think I’m the adventurous one of the family as I enter every chance I get, but with computers and iPhones I don’t have to worry about stamps. I think my sister-in-law might enter more than me, she has more time! But, we’re both INITTOWINIT!! And starting traditions for our children to follow!!! ❤️???

  3. my father has been entering for about 40 years. i have been entering for about 20 years. we have both ordered many useful products over the years

  4. I know my mom still enters here and there, as to how often, I am not sure. She says my grandmother enters occasionally as well. I enter all the time…through the various ways we are allowed to enter!