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7 Vacations You Could Take If You Won $7,000.00 A Week For Life!

Guys, come to think of it, where COULDN’T you travel with a $7,000 weekly “paycheck” from Publishers Clearing House — that you’d receive every single week for life? That’s exactly what you’d get if you won our Special Early Look Prize Event in a couple of weeks … on April 27th.

Here are our 7 suggestions for dream vacations YOU could take if you won $7,000 A Week For Life …

Which One Of These 7 Vacations Would You Like Best?

Imagine digging your toes into silky white sand and sipping a frosty drink while gentle sea breezes caress you … Would you like to enjoy a 5-star beach resort vacation if you won $7,000 A Week For Life?


There you’d be, in a gorgeous upper-deck suite …  having lunch on your private veranda while an attentive steward stands by, ready to fill your glass or coffee cup.  A luxury cruise would be a great dream vacation idea for a $7,000 A Week For Life winner!

Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Rome’s Colosseum, London’s Westminster Abbey … all of Europe’s wonders would await a $7,000 A Week For Life winner, who could stay at the fanciest hotels and dine at the finest restaurants!

Wouldn’t THAT be a blast for a $7,000 A Week For Life winner!  Buy season passes and book luxury hotel rooms for the whole family — if you won, you could have as much fun as the kids, without a second thought about the expense!

Travel to famous U.S. ski destinations like Vail and Aspen … or Whistler in Canada … or travel to Lech in Austria or Courchevel in France.  As a big April 27th winner, you could stay at the most outrageously expensive ski chalets and enjoy gourmet meals, with a view of powder-covered slopes just outside your restaurant window.

Just think of how exciting it would be to watch wild elephants, giraffes, zebras and wildebeest in places like Tanzania’s Serengeti national park!  With  $7,000 weekly checks coming in for life, a winner could travel there by private plane and stay at luxury camps with their own private pools!

Why not create a fabulous “staycation” home – that you can enjoy all year ‘round!

With a Set For Life Prize to spend, you could put a heated pool, brick barbecue and a hot tub out back —  and a private bowling alley, sauna and game room inside. Live in an apartment or a tiny house, you say? NO PROBLEM:  with weekly $7,000 checks — $364,000 a year, by the way — you could buy or build a brand NEW dream vacation home.

Made Up Your Mind? TELL Us Which One!

Or you might have your very own ideas about your dream vacation as a big Publishers Clearing House winner.  Please share them with us in the “Comments” section below! 

I hope that thinking about your dream vacation will motivate you to do something VERY important: enter to WIN! We’ll only be able to accept entries for our tremendous “Set For Life” Prize Event for a short while longer … so do your best to enter every single day.

Now, close your eyes and think about every detail of the amazing vacations you and your family could enjoy with $7,000 checks rolling in every week like clockwork. Then open your eyes and enter immediately!

All the best,

P.S. Just a reminder: if it turns out that the winning number for $7,000 A Week For Life is not returned in time, we’ll go to a second chance drawing and award One Million Dollars on April 27th.



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