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Know The Facts & Stay Safe Against Scams

It’s sad to say, but it’s a fact of life that there are people out there waiting to take advantage of those of you who hope to win a big prize. They know they can “reel you in” with phony promises!

Beware of the scammers lurking out there! You never know when they’ll strike, so it’s best to know the facts and be prepared to recognize and avoid sweepstakes scams at all costs!

The Prize Patrol Does NOT Send Friend Requests On Social Media

That’s right. We NEVER send friend requests to our fans on Facebook. Some of you have commented in the past telling us that someone sent you a friend request on Facebook saying she was Danielle from the PCH Prize Patrol. We know that these Prize Patrol impersonators can be quite convincing! Or maybe you saw on Instagram that you won a PCH SuperPrize and weren’t sure if it was real or not. It’s a good thing you question what you see! Rest assured, it wasn’t real and you could have become the victim of a scam. Remember to look for the blue check mark you’ll find to the right of pchprizepatroldanielle on Danielle’s officially verified Instagram page. That tells you it’s her REAL page.

Please watch this VERY IMPORTANT video from the PCH Prize Patrol that shows you how scammers on Facebook try to convince you that you’ve won a prize, and why it’s so important to be on your guard at all times!

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PCH Winners Never Have To Pay To Claim A Prize

At PCH the winning is always FREE. You NEVER have to pay to win a PCH prize. But the scammers on Facebook and Prize Patrol impersonators want you to believe that you have to pay some kind of fee or tax to claim a prize. Don’t believe it! They are only out to steal your money! You never have to pay or send money to claim a prize!

PCH Informs SuperPrize Winners IN PERSON – Not Over The Phone Or Via Letter, Email, Etc.

The best way to award a prize is IN PERSON and we go out of our way to do it! That way we can deliver the “BIG” check and capture the winning moment. We love nothing more than to see the winner’s reaction to winning what could be a life-changing prize. We NEVER alert winners in advance and we always keep it a big surprise. So, don’t believe it when someone contacts you over the phone or on the Internet saying they are from PCH and that you’ve won. It’s simply NOT TRUE!

In general, trust your instincts! If it doesn’t feel right … it’s not right! And please be sure to report the scam incident right away by filling out our handy scam form.

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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