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Why Giving Up Now Would Be the Worst Thing You Could Do!

You’re a valued friend of Publishers Clearing House, one who may have kept the faith and kept on entering to win a BIG millionaire-making Sweepstakes prize — like the one our Prize Patrol delivered today.  We understand if you’re disappointed that you didn’t win this time. But I implore you: DON’T let that keep you from entering every day to WIN.

Follow the advice of virtually ALL PCH winners: DON’T GIVE UP!

Yes, NEVER GIVING UP could very well be the Secret to Winning at Publishers Clearing House. No matter what, our PCH winners just keep on entering to win at , playing all our fabulous games, doing their Web searches at PCHSearch&Win — taking full advantage of all the FREE, fun ways to “strike it rich” at PCH!

We’ve awarded $385,000,000 in prizes — with LOTS MORE up for grabs!

Imagine: PCH has at least 300 winners every day — and we’ve made 100 people bona-fide millionaires so far.  And you know what? We’re just getting started.  So I hope you’re not even thinking about quitting now.

You know the saying — “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”? That SO applies to loyal PCH friends like you. So NO EXCUSES, like “I don’t have the time” or “I never win anything.”  Every day, choose one of our FREE ways to enter and WIN at Publishers Clearing House and go for it!

Stay strong, my friends. You are invincible!

Your PCH pal,



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