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Token Showers Bring April’s Token Exchange Winners!

As always, April was a big month in winning here at PCH! Did you know that we’ve made over ONE HUNDRED of our friends and fans millionaires over the years? PCH is world famous for its commitment to making winners, but we’ve awarded more than just millionaire-making prizes — we’ve awarded over $386 Million since we first started awarding prizes in 1967 and we have winners every single day!

One of the best ways to win at PCH is through our Token Exchange, where dedicated PCH fans can become rewarded for their hard efforts. As I’m sure you know, almost every action you take online with PCH can lead to you banking Tokens. The more Tokens you have, the more Rewards you get!

Tokens count for more than that, though! They can be exchanged for entries into plenty of different prizes, from nifty new gadgets to classic gift cards—or even for more Tokens!

Worried that spending your Tokens will hurt your Rewards status? Don’t be! The Token Exchange keeps a separate tab on how many Tokens you can use to enter, never deducting from your lifelong total. Once you’ve hit a new Rewards level, you’ll always be there!

April’s Token Exchange Winners!

Here are April’s Token Exchange winners—and the prizes they won!

As you can see, there are some pretty exciting prizes on this list—who doesn’t want a new MacBook Pro? Wouldn’t it be exciting if you won one of our next Token Exchange prizes (even more exciting than “First Burn,” the most recent #Hamildrop, and that was pretty exciting)?

Why not check out the Token Reward Exchange now and see what you can get in to win!

Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Which Token Exchange prizes are you most excited about? What else would you like to see offered? Let us know in the comments below!


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