What bills would you pay off first?

Is there one bill – or two or three — in particular that you absolutely HATE seeing in your mailbox?  Bills you’d like to just pay off and not even THINK about anymore? Well, we at Publishers Clearing House guarantee to award a prize in weeks that could help you pay off all your bills if you win. 

WOW! With One Million Dollars upfront to spend, our winner would be able to pay off every bill and have lots of cash left over to save and enjoy. AND there would be Cash For LIfe: $1,000 paid each and every week like clockwork. (AND there would even be a brand-new Ford Explorer Platinum to celebrate in!)

If you won $1,000,000 AT ONCE, would you pay off your CREDIT CARD?

Those credit card balances keep piling on crazy interest and finance charges every month, no matter how hard we try to “spend them down.” If you win $1,000,000 we guarantee to award in weeks, you’d be able to pay your credit card debt IN FULL — no “minimum payment” this time. Wouldn’t that feel awesome?

Or maybe you want to pay DOCTOR’S BILLS right away.

Do you cringe at the sight of medical bills and statements in the mail every month? The ones with confusing codes, unfamiliar-sounding procedures and BIG balances?  If you’re our winner on June 29th, you would have a Million Dollars right away to pay off worrisome medical bills – and feel MUCH better.  (And don’t forget about the Cash For Life — $1,000 paid every week for the lifetime of the winner.)

How about paying off the MORTGAGE first or paying a YEAR’S RENT in advance?

Let’s face it, few things concern us more than keeping a roof over our heads.  What a relief it would be to write a BIG check to pay off the mortgage bill 100% … or prepay the rent bill for 12 months in advance.  You could do it, if you won the $1 Million at once Plus $1,000 A Week For Life we guarantee to award June 29th. 

Now it’s YOUR turn to share with US: WHICH BILLS would you pay first?

Maybe you’d like to finish off your car payments … or pay off a student loan.  Could be there’s an important home repair you need to pay a contractor for … or the kids’ orthodontist bills. Tell us in the “COMMENTS” section below which bills YOU would like to make history!

Enter today and every day … and all your bills you could PAY!

Yep, that’s a BAD rhyme … nevertheless, it’s time to get going and enter, Enter, ENTER. Guys, someone is definitely going to win $1,000,000 “up front” PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life on June 29th … why shouldn’t it be you?  There are a bazillion easy ways to fire up lots of entries and you never know which one will match the winner.

So start thinking about the first bills you’d like to feed into the shredder and enter NOW.

It could pay off … and pay off all your bills!

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  1. PCH I need to win this $1000000 sweepstakes I need a house I’m going to be out of this one soon I need a place to go please make me your next PCH millionaire

  2. As someone who has an incurable disease swelling in my legs, I would buy a house that would make life as comfortable for me as possible. I been in constant pain since I lost my eye sight. All I want to do is have some happiness and a little fun. Go ahead and make fun of me but seeing the prize patrol at my door would relieve so much stress

    1. We are sorry to hear of your situation. Make sure you Keep trying and don’t give up. Our next Super Prize is for $2, 500 a week for Life to be awarded on the 26th of October 2018. Your entries have the same chances of winning as every other entry so don’t lose hope. Our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next. To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  3. Pch let s face it Emily L gee enterys. Could win me a 1millionaire dream come true. For a couple on entery s on the official Notice name Emily L GEE. Forthcoming selection List.

  4. Hello pch I been in it to win it for so long and still playing won’t give up now and hoping and wishing that i Will be the next winner This summer and to support my family and those that is in need.we have people in Haiti that need help . and I enter to win every sing day search,lotto,pch app.truly love that app on my phone.And always play the sweepstakes.I really love the dream home and the kitchen makeover .the 1million dollar pack , I always go on to pch facebookand instagram.I love how that they have stars suprize gust to come help out with pch that’s truly a blessing to have a star to come to your house and plus pch prize patrol.pch prize patrol you guys are amazing and I hope and have faith that you guys come to my door this summer.right in front of my eyes.I’m truly I’m happy to be a VIPElite and a dimond.I been playing for years and non stop . lovePCH ☺.hoping to hear from you guys God bless.

  5. I just really want to have a shelter built in our area and mainly I want to get off of SSI N MEDICAID. I want to start my own business since I do have a bachelor’s degree. I would do so many good things for people who need help. I have really enjoyed playing lotto n stuff every single day.
    Thanks pch, KATHERINE

  6. I would pay off bills, help someone in the family who’s struggling with the loss if his 37 year old son. I’m sick with heart disease I’m a diabetic , have vascular disease , cellulitis and so other health issues. Im still working even though I’m sick helping the elderly who are sick and I’ve been doing this for many years. I would like to retire and help myself first for a change then others. There is a young lady who needs spine surgery. She’s very young and is in so much pain all the time. I would help her first. even before me. So yes I’m working very hard for this. If I should win, I will always help the pch with playing lotto 6-9 hrs a day like now as always. Pch has helped bring such joy to millions for many years. And I stand by them all the way. Thank you