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I Wish I Could Travel To ______.

Where have you always wanted to travel? Now’s a good time to really think about it … because Publishers Clearing House is about to award a tremendous prize that could make virtually ANY travel dream come true: $1,000,000 paid at once, followed by a lifetime of weekly $1,000 checks!

Would you LOVE to travel to EUROPE?

Have you always dreamed of riding to the top of Paris’s Eiffel Tower … visiting The Tower of London … or maybe snapping a selfie in front of Rome’s Colosseum? If you become our big June 29th winner, you’d have a cool $1,000,000 right away  to book First Class flights to see it all. And with the security of knowing that you’d ALSO receive $1,000 every single week for life, you could splurge on hotels, shopping, fancy restaurants … the works!

Or have you always wanted to visit the CARIBBEAN?

Picture yourself strolling the shimmering sands and aquamarine water of the US Virgin Islands … lazing on the blond beaches and bobbing in the gentle surf of beautiful Aruba.  If our Prize Patrol brings you a million dollars up front on June 29th, you can head to the travel agent that same day, to book suites at luxurious island resorts and map out your “dream itinerary.”

Would you REALLY love a fun-filled ORLANDO, FL vacation?

Have you always wanted to check out the wonders of this magical place that has delighted generations of kids — of all ages? Go ahead … ride the rides, meet the famous mouse, stay in those fun (but expensive!) hotels in the park … eat at the outrageous fantasy-themed restaurants! Take the whole family and have a ball — with NO worries about the price if you become our guaranteed June 29th millionaire!

So, fill in the blank now: “I wish I could travel to ___________!”

Let’s face it: our travel dreams are as unique as our fingerprints … so please, tell us yours in the COMMENTS section below.  Is your “wish list” destination the Grand Canyon … Australia’s Great Barrier Reef … Africa’s famous Serengeti?  New York City, San Francisco or Hawaii?

We’d really love to know.

You know what I’m going to say now, right? Yep: enter right now, tomorrow and every day to make your “I wish I could travel to ____” dreams come true.

FACT: The Prize Patrol is going to surprise someone on June 29th with roses, balloons, champagne and a life-changing prize: $1,000,000 at once, plus $1,000 A Week For Life.  CLICK THIS LINK to find out all the fast, fun, easy ways to enter to WIN … and then enter!

Keep dreaming about where you’ve always wanted to go!

Your PCH pal,

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