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Win $25,000 To Make Gas And Grocery Bills Go AWAY!

Hello, my friends!

Are you getting “sticker shock” at the gas pump?

Although gas prices aren’t as astronomical as they were 6 years ago, we’re watching them steadily creep up — up to $3 per gallon here on Long Island NY, where everything seems to be more expensive. For many of us nationwide, having a car and keeping it “gassed up” is an absolute necessity.  PCH could help — with a chance to win our $25,000 Gas & Groceries Sweepstakes.

And groceries! Every week, they cost more and more!

The other day I did a “double take” at the price of almonds … up over 20% since I’d bought them a week before.  We may shop the sales, clip coupons, compare prices and cut down on “luxuries” (like almonds!) – but still say “Huhh???” when it’s time to pay at check-out. And if having money for gas is essential .. being able to pay your grocery bill is non-negotiable! How’d you like to win $25,000 from PCH to pick up the gas and supermarket tab?

Enter now — and your gas and grocery bills could be Paid In Full!

Wouldn’t it be great to have those two big bills taken “off your plate”?  You could relax and spend more of your money on other things, whether you need to make home repairs, buy new tools or appliances, or even take off on a nice little getaway! Then take my advice and enter our $25,000 Gas & Groceries Sweepstakes now!

Come to PCH to win money for paying bills … and for just enjoying life!

At Publishers Clearing House, there are so many fun, easy ways to enter to win and so many amazing prizes! PCH has given away over $387 Million in prizes so far, from cash windfalls to luxury cars to our famous multimillion-dollar Sweepstakes payouts – and we plan to give away LOTS more.  It only takes a few moments to go for any prize, including our $25,000 Gas & Groceries Sweepstakes!  So what are you waiting for?

Take a moment right now to enter — to win $25,000 to pay your gas and grocery bills for quite some time!

I hope you win!


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