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Meet Ruth Johnson, Winner of Our “Win It All” SuperPrize

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” on June 29th, Ruth Johnson looked out the door and wondered why her dog Cassy was barking and why neighbors on the street were so excited.  Within seconds she knew!  The Prize Patrol van pulled into her driveway, and Derek and yours truly (Dave) rushed up the steps with roses, balloons and a Big Check.  Then as the video cameras rolled we proclaimed Ruth our “Win It All” SuperPrize winner – meaning she won a Million Dollars right away (no long-term payout!), plus $1,000 A Week for Life, plus a new Ford Explorer Platinum worth $55,530!  “OMG, OMG” Ruth exclaimed shaking in shock.

Ruth’s small town neighbors (just east of Pittsburgh, PA) cheered as husband Rich came to the door — having secured excitable Cassy — and looked absolutely stunned.

“I can’t believe it!” Ruth said.  “I was just filling out entries!” – entering the PCH Sweepstakes online as was her regular habit.  “Wait ‘til I tell my kids!”  Indeed, within minutes we had Ruth’s son Tommy on the phone.  He told us how proud and happy he was for her, adding that she “needed” this: Ruth has been undergoing treatment for cancer and is hopeful that this “Win It All” prize is a good sign for the future.

Ruth says she’s been entering the PCH Sweepstakes by mail and online “for years and years,” adding “I thought I hit it big when I won ten dollars!”   In addition to paying medical expenses she welcomes the relief and security of being able to pay all the monthly bills.

In a follow-up phone call Ruth told us that her whole family is very happy for her, that the roses are still gorgeous, and that Cassy is glad those scary balloons are deflated!

Congratulations Ruth, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of winners!  And to the rest of you, take Ruth’s advice and “Play!”  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes every chance you get — and you could be a winner too!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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