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Remember: VIPs and VIP Elites Get MORE!

I find in life, the more effort you put in to something, the more you get out of it. This is true in most things, like music or sports, where practice makes perfect, and it’s also true with PCH! See, when you have above and beyond sweepstakes dedication at PCH, you become a VIP — or even a VIP Elite — and that gets you bigger, better rewards!

While I can’t win any PCH prizes, I personally understand the importance and value of being a VIP. See, outside of being a PCHer, I volunteer on a committee for the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and that’s gotten me some pretty sweet perks: private museum tours, free performance tickets (including to the current Broadway revival of My Fair Lady), an occasional celebrity encounter…but I’ve gotten this special treatment because of what I put in. Just like our VIPs and VIP Elites have earned their bigger, better rewards!

Bigger, Better Rewards!

So what are these rewards, you might ask? First, there are prize opportunities that are ONLY AVAILABLE to our VIPs and VIP Elites, and they go up to $1,000,000.00! Think about that: if you’re at a VIP level, there are prizes that the vast majority of your fellow PCH lovers just cannot win. And there are also Lotto Cards and PCHSearch&Win prizes that only go to VIPs and VIP Elites! Then there’s the exclusive VIP page at!

A nifty bonus – one I just learned about – was that VIPs and VIP Elites have a private customer service hotline! But the biggest, best perk has got to be getting more shots to win the PCH SuperPrize!

That’s right! Top-notch sweepstakes participation gets rewarded with extra chances to win our lifetime prizes! And so many of our past winners have been VIPs and VIP Elites. I bet all of the extra shots to win came in handy for them!

How Do YOU Become a VIP or VIP Elite?

So you want to be a PCH VIP — how do you go about it?

To be a VIP, you need to complete just one of the below eligible activities for fifteen days out of a revolving thirty-day period! (To be a VIP Elite, it’s the same activities and the same revolving thirty-day period, but it’s twenty-five days of activity.)

  • Enter a sweepstakes
  • Play an instant-win game
  • Play a skill-based game
  • Play a PCHslots game
  • Play a PCHBlackjack game
  • Watch a video/read an article and claim the tokens associated with it
  • Conduct a search
  • Play a PCHlotto card
  • Play a PCHkeno card

I’m certain you’ve got what it takes to be a VIP — or even a VIP Elite! So get on it and show us what you can do!


Will F.
PCH Creative

P.S. And make sure you tune in to Inside PCH next week, where we’ll have an interview with YouTubers Tay & Jay! Tay won from Publishers Clearing House, and they’re coming on the show to tell us all about it!

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