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Beat the Back-To-School Blues with PCHSearch&Win!

Hello, dearest PCH blog readers!

Summer is winding to a close, and if you’ve been to your favorite shopping haunt, you may have seen the looming displays of a time we’re all too familiar with…


Yes, that time of year has come ’round yet again. The vibrant displays of colored pencils, the stacks of three-ring binders, and the ever-growing rack of backpacks…Make it stop!

But fear not, readers! Because with PCHSearch&Win, you can beat those back-to-school blues with some handy tips and tricks! From meal-prepping your week to fun ways to store your school supplies, PCHSearch&Win can help you find it all! And, after logging on, you’ll automatically be entered to win out latest SuperPrize with your first seach of the day!

Let’s look at some great back-to-school ideas from PCHSearch&Win!

1. Make Your Lunches Ahead Of Time!

Catch a few extra Z’s by prepping your weekday meals ahead of time! I’m a huge fan of preparing my lunches before the work week has begun (I usually spend a good portion of my Sundays cooking and baking), and with PCHSearch&Win, you can find dozens of great meal-prep recipes! Everything from meal-prep salads and pastas to burritos and paninis to-go!

Whether you’re a parent preparing the kids’ school lunches, or an on-the-go college student with little time to waste, get ahead of the game with meal-ready lunches!

2. Organize, organize, organize!

Take control of the clutter! I myself fall victim to summertime shambles, (“I’ll do it tomorrow!”) and with the semester looming in the not-so-far distance, it’s time to clean up! Using PCHSearch&Win, you can find amazing ways to organize and tidy up! I found a great way to organize loose papers—use a magazine organizer! Keeping them side-by-side on my desk means I see them every day, and I won’t forget to turn something in!

Or, try color-coding school supplies! Coordinate folders and notebooks and keep corresponding notes with their folders! (I used to—and still do—keep everything science-related in green folders and notebooks. Thanks, Mrs. Holt!)

3. Follow A Schedule!

Jumping back into the school swing can be difficult after a summer of playing and adventuring! Take a look with PCHSearch&Win, and you can find tons of great ways to help get your schedule back on track. I found a great list of apps that help remind you when to go to bed so you can get the best amount of rest each night! Getting back into a good and healthy rhythm is important so that going back to the school schedule isn’t so hard!

4. Don’t Get “Schooled!”

Make back-to-school a breeze with PCHSearch&Win! There’s so many great ways to get ready, steady, and go! From organizing and color-coding school supplies to getting lunches ready ahead of time, PCHSearch&Win can help you beat those back-to-school blues with tons of great ideas!

Happy searching!

Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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