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Behind The Scenes At PCH: Meet Bianca!

Greetings, fans and friends!

I know that you love when we post blogs about what goes on behind the scenes at PCH – whether it’s the “magic of television” in our Inside PCH studio … a glimpse into our fun-filled holiday parties… or what goes on right here at our offices.

You’ve also met a few people who work behind the scenes at PCH to make winners’ dreams come true – like Susan, Maryann and Lori Today we meet Bianca M., who helps to make winning PCH a reality for so many!

Bianca is a Senior Analyst at Publishers Clearing House in the Contest Department. A typical day for Bianca consists of handling prize fulfillment, prize sourcing, and facilitating contest information for new opportunities.

“My prize fulfillment duties include coordinating the Big Check and winner materials for our SuperPrize winners!” Bianca says. “I maintain a compelling and engaging winner experience and collaborate with other teams such as Marketing, Finance, and Creative.”

When I asked her to describe the “winner materials,” Bianca explained that she gathers the materials for the winner folders, and the Big Check for the Prize Patrol. She tells me she even had the opportunity to join in on a Prize Patrol award! The winner wasn’t home, so we shocked the winner at work!” she says.

The best part of my job is seeing the difference Publishers Clearing House makes in people’s lives,” she adds. “When I work directly with the winners to fulfill their prizes, I know that I am making someone’s day.”

Bianca tells me that on many occasions, winners have called to say “thank you” for their prizes. It really warms her heart to hear how winning PCH has affected people’s lives.

“It is very exciting to be a part of their winning experience,” she says. “I enjoy coming in each day never knowing who we will be awarding next!”

When she’s not turning dreams into realities for our prize winners, Bianca enjoys spending time and sharing delicious meals with her big Italian family.

Bianca encourages each and every one of our fans to keep entering and to never give up! “There are many ways to win at Publishers Clearing House,” she says. “Being in the Contest Department, I help facilitate different contest opportunities to win and programs such as PCHFrontpage, and what’s most thrilling, our Inside PCH live show. PCH has a lot to offer through both digital and non-digital platforms.”

Bianca’s advice to all of you? Continue to enter  for your chance to win in the PCH Sweeps! Maybe someday it could be your call that I am receiving!”

I couldn’t agree more with Bianca! Remember, fans, stay in it to win it!

Good luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of PCH winning experiences, come back to the blog tomorrow morning and meet Terrie, our Birthday Blowout winner!

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