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PCH’S Top 5 Most Common Reactions to Winning

I love watching videos of PCH “Winning Moments,” when our lucky winners open the door to see the Prize Patrol with their “Big Check.” The winners’ reactions always make me smile, laugh or even choke up! Every PCH winner is unique, of course, but over the years, we’ve observed the Top 5 Most Common Reactions to Winning … and here they are:

We love to hear our winners’ whoops of surprise and joy when they realize that they’ve WON  the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes … and it makes for a very entertaining Winning Moment video, too. Would YOU be a Screamer if you won?

A lot of our winners can’t keep from jumping up and down or doing a “happy dance” when the Prize Patrol shows up with roses, champagne, balloons and a Big Check. How about YOU? Would you be Jumper if you won?

We get that a LOT. Winners just stand there, flabbergasted, asking, “Is this for real?” or “Is this a joke?”  Rest assured, ALL our PCH Prizes are VERY real …  393 Million Dollars’ worth so far!

Many, MANY winners just get overwhelmed and cry when the glad news “sinks in.”  For instance, imagine the emotions you would feel if you became the winner of our $1,000 A Day For Life special early look prize event on August 31st! If you cry, no worries: the PCH Prize Patrol is always prepared, with hugs, shoulders to cry on and plenty of Kleenex!

It’s very touching to me that often, the first words out our winners’ mouths are “Thank the Lord!” or “Praise God!” These are people who are all about keeping the faith and staying hopeful, whether they’re offering a prayer of thanks or faithfully entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Which of our “Top 5 Most Common Reactions to Winning” do you think YOU would have?

Maybe you’d react to winning $1,000 A Day For Life  in a different way altogether — by laughing or stepping back into the house to pinch yourself — or even feeling a little faint. Having your life change in an instant — becoming a millionaire with money worries wiped away — would be a pretty powerful experience.

Enter now…and we could film YOUR reaction to winning in weeks!

If you’d like us to add YOUR Winning Moment video to our film library, enter NOW  … today, tomorrow and every chance you get.  No matter HOW you react if you win, the end result would be the same: you’d become our newest PCH Millionaire!

Good Luck!



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