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Winner Follow-Up with PCH Prize Winner Terrie S.!

Everyone is a fan of something, right? Some people are fans of sports, other people like arts & entertainment. But are you a true Publishers Clearing House fan? I know someone who definitely is, recent $10,000.00 PCH Prize Winner Terrie S.!

Just recently, Dave Sayer came to her house to surprise her with a Big Check (and real check!) for $10,000.00, and her reaction was PRICELESS!  Watch the clip below!


As you can see from the video, Terrie has this infectious energy that you gotta love! She’s super enthusiastic about PCH, and who wouldn’t be when someone shows up at your house with a check for $10,000.00? But the truth is, Terrie just loves PCH in general! Even when she became a PCH prize winner of $10 a few years ago, she was over the moon about it. In fact, Terrie’s super fandom was evident right when I called her.

“Yeah, I just finished catching up with this week’s episode of Inside PCH  right before you called!” she explained. When I told her I was “Matt the Stat Man”, she couldn’t believe it!

She’s always felt linked to PCH, and something told her every day to keep going.

“It’s just this gut feeling that does not go away! I keep hearing this voice saying ‘play, play, play.’ I just have this feeling, it’s insane, but I just kept envisioning Danielle and Dave walking down my driveway!”

Terrie says she’s had other feelings about things in her life that eventually came true, so she figured it was a good idea to keep this one up, maybe someday becoming a PCH prize winner!

We asked her what she wanted to use the money for, and she said it was already mostly spent!

“I used the money to buy a camping trailer, so we have our first big camping trip with extended family for a 5-day trip!  We go to Camp Far West, an old family camp spot, and we also bought a generator — we’ll be living the life thanks to PCH!”

Terrie definitely won big, but don’t think for a second that she’s satisfied with just $10,000.00! She says she wants to keep going for the SuperPrize:

“I play every single day, I have it on my phone and computer. I like PCHLotto so I can pick the numbers, but I play every single game! I want to win the $1 Million prize so I can buy a family house. I want an acre of land so my kids can have ponies!”

Terrie wants to share this with all of you out there who are also hoping for your big win!

“You have to believe. If you believe, you will play. And if you play, you will win!”

While we at PCH can’t ever guarantee that, Terrie’s certainly has some positive thinking!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What are some words of positivity you use to motivate yourself? Share them in the comments below!

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