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It’s Always FREE To Enter To WIN At PCH!

But of course, as an employee, I can’t.  So, every Friday, I hand a “fiver” to my PCH pal, Phil, who heads up our office’s lottery pool.  That’s $260 for the year!  And my husband pays into the pool at HIS office … and he frequently buys scratch-off cards.  All in all, that’s a LOT of household cash to spend on lottery tickets.  However, you don’t have to.

LUCKY YOU! You never have to spend a penny to go for big PCH Prizes!

All YOU have to do to fire up entries for our Free PCH Prizes is to enter through the mail or visit us at our online sites. Enter our Sweeps at, come play at PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHslots and PCHblackjack.  Search the Web at PCHSearch&Win and check out all the excitement at PCHfrontpage.

Your FREE entry now could pay off BIG in just weeks:

THAT’S what our Prize Patrol is ready to deliver on August 31st in our special early look $1,000 A Week For Life prize event that’s 100% FREE to enter and win (link to  Plus, PCH guarantees to pay a huge prize — $1,000,000 — in a second-chance drawing if the winning number isn’t returned on time.  Not the case with most state lottery drawings.

So, put away your wallet and come visit us at Publishers Clearing House. When it comes to our  PCH prizes, like $1,000 A Week For Life or $1,000,000, WE’RE the ones who do ALL the paying — never you!

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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    1. Hello Crystal, commenting on the blog will not secure your entry into any of our giveaways. Make sure you claim your entries via the online opportunities they were offered through. With PCH, there are multiple ways you can enter each day into any number of giveaways. For your chance to become a lucky winner, keep entering and don’t give up. To see all of your options for submitting an entry, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!