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An “Ode” To Winning $1,000 A Day For Life From PCH!

If you won $1,000 A Day For Life,
You could say “farewell” to financial strife.
You could help your husband, kids or wife
If you won $1,000 A Day For Life.

$1,000 A Day For Life is “booked”
As the prize for our Special Early Look,
An event little more than a week away:
August 31st is the special day.

$1,000 A Day For Life, my dears
Is 365,000 dollars a year — for years!
A PCH prize that would pay and pay
For the rest of a lucky winner’s days!

With this PCH Fortune, you’d have the means
To live the life of your hopes and dreams,
From buying the flashiest cars on the lot
To a gorgeous new home or even a yacht.

If $1,000 A Day For Life you won,
You’d stop fretting about bills
And start planning for fun.
Like First Class vacations to far and to near
You could, with 365 “Gs” a year!

$1,000 A Day For Life would assist
Every loved one and good cause on your list
Wouldn’t it feel awesome to share
A fabulous fortune and show you care?

I bet you know what I’m going to say now:
Enter today, tomorrow and every way how.
Click on this link to find out all the ways,
Then go for this prize for the next seven days

‘Cause August 28 is the cut-off for entries
For a fabulous PCH “prize of the century.”

$1,000 A Day for Life could be yours,
So get busy and enter  – I won’t say anymore!

Go for it, guys … and GOOD LUCK!

Your friend, Marybeth


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