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$1,000 A Day For Life PCH Big Check

PCH Big Check Asks: Will Next Friday Be Your Lucky Day?

Hey Blog Readers – it’s your pal, Lucky, the PCH Big Check and I hope you’re as excited as I am that we’re JUST ONE WEEK AWAY from our $1,000.00 A Day For Life Special Early Look Prize Event!

That’s right – next Friday is Prize Day and I’m going to be at our Winner’s door, along with the Prize Patrol, meeting our lucky winner for the very first time!  Can you believe it’s so close already?!?

I feel like the LUCKIEST check in the world!

While those other checks are bouncing around from pockets and purses to ATMs and bank tellers, I get to wear the Big SuperPrize and get hugs from our new winner! Ooh my zeros are shaking already at the thought of it!  Will the winner be happy to see me…?!?  Will my seal reflect the sun…?!?  I’ve got so many questions making my payline shake, but I’m staying positive and – just like my name – I’m feeling Lucky!

I’m feeling Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!  How about you?

As you can see, I’m already wearing my Lucky Dollar Sign with the hope that the winner is ready to greet me with open arms!  But what about you?  Do you have a four-leaf clover … a horseshoe or some other treasure that really makes you feel like you’re going to win big?!?  I’d love to hear I’m not alone in hoping for a little bit of luck on Prize Day, so if you believe in good luck charms let me know below!

Will Next Friday Be Your LUCKY Day?!?

Remember, with $1,000.00 A Day For Life, every day would be a LUCKY DAY!  And it could all start for you next Friday, so don’t stop now!  My mama once told me she named me LUCKY because she knew I could make people feel special – and even back when I was a little check just learning to add my routing numbers.  All the cool coupons would make fun of me for having such a big dollar sign and so many zeros and my mama would say, “Wear your dollar sign with pride, Lucky, and don’t ever give up those little guys will wish they had zeros like yours someday!”  Now look – here I am, the Publishers Clearing House Big Check, wearing the $1,000 A Day For Life Prize and getting ready to make our next winner’s dreams come true!  I really am lucky – and you could be too – so don’t give up, keep entering every day you can. It’s not too late. The last day to enter is Tuesday, 8/28, so don’t miss out. I could be at your door soon!

If you think August 31st is your LUCKY DAY to win big, don’t be shy!  Scream it, shout it and tell me all about it in the comment section below!  I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Good Luck!

Lucky Windfall
PCH Big Check

P.S. Don’t forget to claim your bonus PCHblog prize entry – click the $1,000.00 A Day For Life picture in the right hand corner of this post now!


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