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If you woke up a MILLIONAIRE tomorrow…

… how would you FEEL … and what would you DO?

Of course, we’re asking because some lucky someone out there will DEFINITELY become our newest PCH Millionaire tomorrow, August 31st.  Our Prize Patrol is hitting the road yet again, with a great BIG PCH CHECK made out to a very fortunate person … maybe YOU???

If you woke up a PCH MILLIONAIRE tomorrow …would you PINCH yourself?

“Am I DREAMING?” you might ask, giving yourself a little pinch to make sure you were awake.  However, I can assure you, that if YOU turn out to be tomorrow’s August 31st Prize Winner, your good fortune would be very real, with a PCH Big Check to prove it!

Whom would you call to share the news of becoming an “Overnight Millionaire”?

If it happened to ME … and alas, it NEVER could … I’d call my husband Scott who would be at work on a Friday.  How about you? Would you phone your wife, Mom, Dad, son or daughter? Would you want your loved ones and friends to know RIGHT AWAY that you’d just won a big millionaire-making prize from Publishers Clearing House?  To quote from that old 80s hit, “WHO YOU GONNA CALL?!”

Would you get out your biggest, most worrysome, past-due bill and pay it OFF?

Would it feel GREAT to do that tomorrow if you found out you’d become tomorrow’s August 31st PCH Millionaire? You could start wiping your financial slate clean of the debt that might be keeping you awake nights. Good riddance!

If you became a millionaire tomorrow, would you start planning a Winner’s Celebration?

Do you love parties? I do!  As tomorrow’s newest Publishers Clearing House Millionaire, you’d have a lot to celebrate, so you could ask your family, friends and neighbors over for a winner’s bash! Let your favorite restaurant provide the food and do the clean-up … it would be your job to HAVE FUN.

Or would saying a prayer of thanks be the FIRST thing you’d do?

People who faithfully enter at the Clearing House – and WIN — are often quite spiritual, and that is so beautiful to me. So our Prize Patrol wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear you say, “Thank the Lord!” or “Praise God!” the moment you’d learned of your good fortune.

So TELL US! If you woke up a PCH Millionaire tomorrow, what would you DO?

Jot it down in the “Comments” section below … we’re all waiting to hear from you!

MOST IMPORTANT? Keep entering to win exciting FREE Prizes at Publishers Clearing House!

Regardless of WHO is revealed as the August 31st PCH Millionaire tomorrow, there are plenty of other prizes to go for every single day…. on top of the big SuperPrizes our Prize Patrol will continue to deliver year in and year out.  And there are a zillion fun, easy ways to go for every Free Prize … so NO excuses: Enter to WIN today, tomorrow and every single day!

I hope the Prize Patrol comes knocking tomorrow!

Your PCH pal,

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