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By now you might have heard that we awarded our SuperPrize Event winner today, and what an exciting winning moment it was for the Prize Patrol and most definitely for the lucky winner! So maybe it wasn’t your door they knocked on today … and maybe you’re wondering if they’ll ever come to your town. Don’t give up. Many of our past winners will tell you that they just kept at it no matter what. Now is NOT the time to quit the PCH Sweepstakes … the important thing to do now is to set your sights on the next big Prize Event around the corner, and it’s a BIG one. I’m here today to tell you why you should absolutely Stay In It To Win It today and every day going forward.

#1. Entering To Win Helps You To Stay Positive!

A positive attitude goes a long way in this world and believe me, lots of our past winners tell us that it was by staying positive, no matter what their family and friends were telling them, and believing that they would someday win, that kept them focused right up until the very moment that the Prize Patrol showed up at their door! Entering the PCH Sweepstakes is something that is easy to make part of your daily routine … and each entry is like taking one more step toward reaching your goal!

#2. It Could Change Your Life

This one should get your attention. Isn’t this what we mean by a “dream come true?” I think we all fantasize about a better life … dreaming about all of those “what ifs” that could make such a big difference in our day-to-day life. Well, it doesn’t just have to be a dream. You could be working toward making it a reality just by clicking a few buttons or sending your entry back through the mail. Striving for a better day is what keeps us all motivated and hopeful! And you never know when one lucky day could change the rest of your days.

#3. The SuperPrizes Keep Coming In All Shapes And Sizes!

Once you make it a habit and part of your daily regimen, you are assured of being in it to win it for our ever-changing lineup of incredible SuperPrizes! Yes, we keep them coming, prize after prize, in all different shapes and sizes throughout the calendar year. The next SuperPrize Event coming up is the $2,500 A Week “Forever” Prize, and it’s the kind that definitely makes it worth it to stay in it to win it. The kind that allows the lucky winner to leave a legacy for a future generation, too! Keep your eyes open for our brand-new TV commercials coming soon (and you’ll find out who our new spokesperson is)!

#4. It Brings You Closer To V.I.P. Status

Did you know that by entering our contests and by playing our games, you can place yourself among our best and most active participants? Make visiting PCH a part of your daily routine and in almost no time you’ll have earned that VIP/VIP Elite badge and qualify for bigger and better prizes – including prizes that only are available to PCH VIPs and VIP Elites! This special group receives an exclusive $1,000,000.00 prize opportunity, access to VIP/VIP Elite exclusive prizes, and much more!

#5. It’s Fun, It’s FREE, It’s Easy!

This is really a 3-in-1 reason, so it’s extra important! Who doesn’t like to play games? And who doesn’t love exciting chances to win? Our fun and challenging games give you chances at Instant Win prizes, and ways to earn tokens that you can use for even more chances to win! We work hard to design all of those emails, games and packages through the mail that come your way to keep you entertained and engaged and to make the PCH Sweepstakes so rewarding for all of you. You should definitely take advantage. You never know which one of those entries could be the one that brings the Prize Patrol to your door!

I hope you felt some inspiration and motivation by reading this blog. Because every word is true! Wishing you all the best of luck. Keep your eyes on the prize and never stop believing!

There’s all the reason to stay In It To Win It!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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