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PCH Rewards Levels Up With Bigger Token Bonuses And Bigger Cash Payouts!

Check out the NEW and IMPROVED PCH Rewards Program. There are four NEW Rewards Levels — Amethyst, Ruby, Yellow Diamond, and Red Diamond — for even MORE Token payouts. There are EXCLUSIVE prizes for each level and winners are announced EVERY day! VIPs and VIP Elites get a special perk — the tokens they earn at each level get SUPERSIZED! Best yet, the prize amount increases with each level … all the way up to $1,500 for players with Red Diamond status. And with Daily Token Leaderboard Prizes of up to $550, there has truly never been a better time to earn tokens and exchange them for exciting prize entries!

Welcome Tokens

One of the biggest benefits is the daily welcome tokens you can earn just by saying “hi” to your favorite PCH sites, including , PCHsearch&win , PCHfrontpage, PCHlotto , and PCHkeno! Plus, when it comes to redeeming tokens at the all-new PCH Rewards Token Exchange, the more tokens you have means the entries you can get to as many contests as you want! In fact, here’s the new breakdown for daily welcome tokens.

Level Up Wheel

Every time you level up (and start collecting more welcome tokens), PCH finds another great way to say “thank you.” And that’s with a spin of the “Thank You” wheel. It’s just another way to show our appreciation for your continued loyalty. Along with spinning for bigger and better prizes, the dollar amount you could win from the “Thank You” wheel increases as you level up.

 Daily Token Leaderboard

It could pay to play – in two new ways – at and PCHgames. There are also bigger cash prizes up for grabs for daily token leaders!

PCH Rewards Token Exchange

The Token Exchange ramps up the excitement even more with a variety of prizes reserved exclusively for players at different levels. So each time you level up, you’ll be invited to claim entries for bigger and better cash awards and prizes. And as mentioned earlier, each time you level up you’ll collect more daily welcome tokens, and more daily welcome tokens means more opportunities to redeem those tokens for entries.

With the new PCH Rewards Center, we’re giving players more love for their loyalty, including more ways to win, more prizes available, exclusive prizes for higher levels, and higher payout amounts. And don’t forget, redeeming tokens at the Token Exchange never lowers your status, which reflects only the all-time number of tokens you’ve earned.

Here’s hoping you level up and win big,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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