If you’re holding the NOTICE OF CASH PRIZES packet above, scheduled to show up in mailboxes TODAY, you have the opportunity to get in on the winner selection process for a major PCH cash prize that will be awarded in days.

IT TAKES ONLY MOMENTS TO GO FOR THE CASH!  First, pick up the packet and …

Read the exciting message from Deborah Holland about the big PCH cash prize about to be awarded … and another PCH cash prize you could win on a future award date. Now it’s time to get in on the Winner Selection process.

I want you to open a new Web page and do THIS …

THAT will bring you to THIS exciting PCH page:

It’s asking you for the Activation Code in the PCH Packet you’ve just received. Now do this:

When you enter your Activation Code and hit the SUBMIT CODE button, you’re on your way!

You’ll be on your way to Publishers Clearing House’s Official Entry/Order Form where you’ll activate an entry for either a $1,000 Prize that is about to be awarded or a bigger $10,000 Cash Prize approved for award at a later date.

Didn’t get this special PCH Packet in the mail? NO WORRIES!

There are always a gazillion fantastic prizes up for grabs at PCH, and all kinds of fun, easy ways to go for them from our FREE-TO-PLAY-and-win games at PCHlotto, PCHkeno and PCHblackjack … to searching the Web at PCHSearch&Win to visiting PCHfrontpage and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.

Remember, all our contests are FREE to enter … and we keep giving away prizes every day — click this link to see our recent crop of happy PCH winners!

So stay in the game and keep entering at Publishers Clearing House no matter what it takes.  We’ve got a boatload of prizes to give away, and YOU deserve to win!

Your PCH pal,

P.S.  A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Be sure to enter your Activation Code only at our www.pch.com/actnow page as I’ve explained above. (Please don’t paste your Activation Code into the Comments below). THANKS!

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  1. I’m gonna go check mail box right away.
    Thank you for VIP WIN IT ALL COUPON’S!
    I ACCEPT MY Winning opportunities for the $2’5500.00 per week for Life!
    My daughter starts University this month on 27th so it’s perfect timing .
    Happy Sabbath in few hours so I will be resting and preparing for my winnings with PCH.
    AAA Automobile Club member and wanted to remind everyone what a great service they offer to members and how many times have they been my superheros in life! I have my own policy now, however when I was younger I had received my annual membership as a gift from loved ones. Truly special having Piece of mind knowing that whatever the road brings, that you are safe.
    I and Shannon Armand, and I endorse my message.
    Food for thought