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  1. I have entered this contest for many years and I have never seen anything any of that I have raise two children by myself and now that I am about to be 52 years old I still do not have a car or a way to go to the doctor or get to go to the store to get the things that I need. So I really don’t think publishers clearing House exist. The people that win help money. The people who really need the money does not win people like me sincerely Christina king

  2. Winning $2,500.00 a week forever would sure help out with my retirement, things I need now, I can’t afford.

    I’ve got a question, this started out being $2,500 a week forever, then it changed to $5,000.00 a week forever, now it’s gone back to $2,500.00 a week forever, what is the prize amount?