50 Ways To Celebrate If You Won $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”

Friends and fans, it’s happening this month! Someone is definitely going to win $2,500.00 A Week “Forever” on October 26th — the prize that pays out not only for the lifetime of a winner, but after that, continues to pay out for someone the winner chooses!

You’ll secure yourself generations of financial security and the ability to afford luxuries you could only have dreamed of before! With that, I present you with 50 ways to celebrate if you won $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”!


  1. Pop open the nicest bottle of champagne you can find!
  2. Quit your day job!
  3. Buy yourself a brand-new car!
  4. Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!
  5. Give more to your favorite charity!
  6. Get a pool in your backyard!
  7. Binge all the TV shows you never had time to before!
  8. Goback to school … and pay for your kids or grandkids to go!
  9. Treat yourself to Hamilton tickets!
  10. Stand back, Buenos Aires! Visit Argentina!
  11. And while you’re there, cruise to Antarctica!
  12. Swim with sharks in the Bahamas!
  13. Self-record an album about winning!
  14. Collect fine wines!
  15. Set up a home movie theatre and have a marathon of your favorite flicks!
  16. Throw the best costume party of all time!
  17. Focus on fitness – get super in-shape!
  18. See the Elton John Farewell Tour!
  19. Get a new computer … and all the other latest technology!
  20. Hike the Acropolis!
  21. Take a cruise to Alaska!
  22. Or instead, go surfing in Hawaii!
  23. Expand your real estate holdings!
  24. Deck out your home with art!
  25. Adopt a new furry friend!
  26. Season tickets for your favorite team!
  27. See Hamilton again – or any other Broadway show!
  28. Write a memoir!
  29. Go on an African safari!
  30. Disney World!
  31. Set up an investment portfolio!
  32. Go on a shopping spree in Hong Kong!
  33. Visit all 50 States!
  34. Open up a business!
  35. Buy your very own Ms. Pac-Man Machine!
  36. Build a boat and sail it to the Caribbean!
  37. Camp in Yellowstone National Park!
  38. Read everything that comes your way!
  39. Play a high stakes game of Roulette in Vegas or Monaco!
  40. Learn French … in Paris!
  41. Support projects that will improve your home town!
  42. Buy a vacation home and go skiing in Aspen!
  43. Give mom and dad the home they always deserved!
  44. Take a trip to your ancestors’ homeland!
  45. Spa days, all day every day!
  46. Go for an afternoon spot of tea in London!
  47. On the way, stop by Iceland for glacier hiking and a dip in the Blue Lagoon
  48. Play with elephants in Thailand!
  49. Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru!
  50. And of course, wipe out any and all debt!
  51. Bonus Celebration: Hamilton, one last time!


I’m sure I didn’t cover everything YOU would want to do to celebrate, though! What are some ideas you have? Let us know in the comments below!


Will F.
PCH Creative



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  1. Want to start a business to design. Dressers cabinets. And desks and yes I’m still in it to win it
    Thanks y’all

  2. I would buy some land and build a community to help the less fortunate.
    I would create jobs for those who are being denied employment in the US
    I would travel around the world changing lives and teaching survival
    I would pay off people’s debt
    I would buy me three homes. One in a foreign country
    I would invest and teach business to those who are Emerging Markets
    I would build a place for refugees
    I would invest in Cancer facilities, Dialysis facilities
    I would clean up people’s credit reports so that they would be Qualified to work in the US
    I would spend time getting the people in Congress and the judicial system to do away with policy and procedures that do not benefit the people they work for and turn those salaries into ways to help the people of the US not the people who dominate these positions
    I would answer to the cries of the people around the world