New Ford Explorer XLT For Lucky PCH Sweepstakes Winner!!!

You’ve seen it on TV game shows, and you might have even experienced it yourself: that thrilling moment when a person recognizes that he or she can get rid of that old clunker because “OMG!  I have a new car!”

Alana Hodge of Paducah, KY could hardly believe what her mother was screaming about.  “Publishers Clearing House is at the door!!!  I’m serious!!!  Come on!!!”

Sure enough, there we were – with roses, balloons and a Big Check declaring Alana the winner of a gorgeous Ford Explorer XLT worth $49,795 in the PCH Sweepstakes!

“Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!” Alana exclaimed as she emerged from the house and approached the prize SUV with a huge red bow on it.  “Oh I love it!”

Check out the video below from her local newspaper and share in the joy and surprise of her winning moment!

Alana’s son Devin (with whom she shares a car) and granddaughter Ja’Kailyn (3) were overwhelmed as well – although Ja’Kailyn was especially thrilled with the bouquet of balloons.

Alana had to think hard about whether to take the Ford Explorer XLT or a real check for its almost $50,000 value, and finally decided the check would give her more time to think about it.

“I’m just so in awe!  I thank God for this” Alana said.  Neighbors drove by and honked their approval.  One said “I never believed it” but became a believer on the spot.

Alana enters the PCH Sweepstakes religiously and told the TV cameras capturing the “winning moment” – “It does happen!  Keep playing ’cause you can win!”

Great advice for all you blog-readers and PCH Fans out there.  Play and enter everyday – like Alana – and the next winner we surprise could be YOU!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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  2. When will I ever win.I’ve been trying to win this sweepstakes sence,4/15/1992.I just passed my twenty seventh anniversary.If I don’t win on 4/26/2019,this will be my final last and atemp;to win the sweeps.
    Billy Campbell

  3. You could publish winners on,alot of searching to find previous winners.I could not find on pch blog ,separate search finally revealed winner.

  4. I enjoy playing the games in collecting tokens and I enter all on the Ford Explorer Sport giveaway. I play the token games and my granddaughter always bugged me to play and she loves it. As a matter of fact we went to her sister’s school concert Monday and she said to me hey papa Are they going to bring your truck on Thursday you know it’s to 28 I had to laugh she’s only 7.

  5. I would love to open my door to a new Ford Explore XLT with a check from the Prize Patrol Team congratulations Alana!