Today’s Games Tournament Is MAHJONGG MINUTE!

Hey there, friends and fans, and happy hump day! We’re about halfway through the work week, which means we’re halfway to the weekend! And what better way to break up the middle of the week than by getting in to win cash prizes at PCHgames when you play in today’s Mahjongg Minute tournament?

If you’ve ever played in the PCHgames daily tournament before, you may be aware of the perks: double Tokens on each gameplay and cash prizes, GUARANTEED for award. And as the tournament is daily, that means you can go for these prizes every single day! Even better, there are multiple winners from each platform: desktop, mobile, and tablet! (And you can play and win on ALL THREE DEVICES!)

Today, You’ve Gotta Play Mahjongg Minute to Get In It To Win It!

But what about today’s tournament, Mahjongg Minute? Have you ever found yourself playing a traditional game of mahjongg solitaire, only to find it too slow or too time-consuming for you? Mahjongg Minute is for those who like a fast-paced adventure —you only have one minute to clear the board!

That’s especially good news for you on tournament day — with such a fast game, not only will it be easy to get in the running, but you’ll also be able to keep playing again and again! That will allow you to bank tons of Tokens and give you ample opportunity to show your matchmaking skill!

One of my favorite things about Mahjongg Minute at PCHgames is that the tiles depict the PCH winning experience: members of the Prize Patrol, champagne, flowers, balloons, and more! It really gets you in the mood to win, and with cash prizes on the line, that’s the kind of mood you want to be in!

The best tip I can give you with the daily tournament, though, is persistence pays off! By mastering Mahjongg Minute, you may have an easier time getting a top-notch score than someone who’s never played before. But as I mentioned before, tournament day is the best day to practice, because you’ll get double Tokens!

So what are you waiting for? Set yourself up comfortably, put on some good music (might I recommend Barbra’s new album?), and show us you want to win a cash prize in today’s Mahjongg Minute tournament!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: What’s your favorite game at PCHgames? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Mahjongg Minute is my favorite, however the app version gives me so many more tokens than the non app version! It is frustrating when the app version isn’t working properly though! Sometimes I just quit playing and come back to it later! I play on my phone, but I just believe sometimes that there are so many other people playing that it overloads the server! I get beat out of so many tokens, that I just want to stop playing sometimes!

  2. Let’s get it on then , iam hungry and Iam of winning blood, not a loser as you make me out to be. One thing I do know. You can’t beat the house when they got every shadow working in there favor. All I ask is to let this be fair, no pushers or blockers. Just good old fashion heads up . Do this and you’ll witness spectacular competition. With all this said. Pch stood for fairness,if still true then you all take a seat and let real winners compete….

  3. Yes ! I want to win! I’m scoring really big points, But the game played out before I Did, but I’m going to wait out. I love Mahjongg Minute, it’s worth waiting on. Thanks for all your good comments.