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Winner Follow-Up With Ford Explorer Winner Alana Hodge!

Avid PCH token exchange player Alana Hodge was sitting at home, enjoying time with her mom, son and granddaughter during the fall break when they heard a knock at the door. Alana’s mom went to answer it with three-year-old Ja’Kailyn and received the shock of their lives.

Watch the video to hear Alana’s mom’s shouts of joy! “Alana! Publishers Clearing House IS. AT. THIS. DOOR!

Isn’t that great! You can tell Alana was totally unprepared and thoroughly surprised! While she entered all the time with her tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange, she never thought this would happen to her.

“I’ve been entering on and off for a couple of years, but this year I’ve been more active,” she explained to us over the phone.

“I had my doubts about Publishers Clearing House at first, but they made a believer out of me!”

Though an avid PCH player, Alana didn’t know there was going to be a prize award that day.

“We were so surprised—but we were saying if we followed them  [on social media] maybe we would’ve known!”

As you can see in the video above, Dave Sayer let Alana know she had the option of keeping the car or its cash value. She opted for the cash, but it was the car that originally got her excited when we asked her about her entries on the PCHrewards Token Exchange website.

“I liked it and I wanted to try and see if I could win! It’s a nice-looking car, I might as well give it a chance! ‘I’m going to put in as many tokens as I can!’”

She hasn’t spent too much of the money yet, but has spoiled her granddaughter by buying her some clothes and such. And she’s getting ready to buy gifts for the expensive holiday season! Someone in her family has made it known they want an expensive doll house. We’ll let you guess who!

Alana continues to enter to win Publishers Clearing House prizes by playing games on her phone and hasn’t given up on winning even more money. Her family has faith that more is going to come!

“My three-year-old granddaughter keeps saying, ‘The Clearing House is gonna come back! They gonna come back!’ I get so tickled when she says that!”

Alana keeps entering and PCH fever has spread throughout her community. Even the pizza delivery guy said “You’re the one who won the car!”

So there you have it. It can happen to anyone! Alana had these words of encouragement to share with the readers of this blog:

“Keep playing! You never know, they might be knocking at your door next. Just be prepared!”

These are words every PCH hopeful is wishing will come true for them! And if you’re reading this right now, I’m sure you’d agree!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – We have lots of great prizes to go for in our Token Exchange! What prize would you splurge your collection of tokens on? Tell us in the comments below!

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